Question 1 The difference between a research question and a research hypotheses is that a hypotheses make a prediction about what will happen and a question does not make a prediction.True False 1 poi | Homework Market Help

Question 1

  1. The difference between a research question and a research hypotheses is that a hypotheses make a prediction about what will happen and a question does not make a prediction.


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Question 1 The difference between a research question and a research hypotheses is that a hypotheses make a prediction about what will happen and a question does not make a prediction.True False 1 poi | Homework Market Help
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Question 2

  1. You want a representative sample of all the people insured by a large insurance company. How would probability sampling achieve a representative sample of this population?

Probability sampling would survey everyone.

Probability sampling would survey every person at one of the organizations insured by the company.

Probability sampling would survey a convenience sample of people employed by the company.

Probability sampling would survey a random sample of everyone insured by the company.

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Question 3

  1. Which statement best describes external validity?

External validity deals with whether the results from a study generalize.

External validity deals with whether the measures used in a study are appropriate.

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Question 4

  1. Ethnographic research is an example of qualitative research



1 points  

Question 5

  1. In some studies, the independent variable can be considered as the cause and the dependent variable as the effect.



1 points  

Question 6

  1. Which of the following procedures would control extraneous variables?

Hold the variables constant across all comparison groups.

Use a large convenience sample.

1 points  

Question 7

  1. Controlling extraneous variables in a study is necessary because those variables may prevent the researcher from drawing correct cause and effect conclusions.



1 points  

Question 8

  1. A non-normal rating scale (such as a Likert-type scale) is a ratio measure.



1 points  

Question 9

  1. Which of the following techniques is the best way to test for validity?

Assess the inter-rater agreement

Perform a test-retest analysis

Check the inter-item consistency

Correlate the measure with other measures of the same construct

1 points  

Question 10

  1. Which of the following two techniques is a test of reliability?

Assess the inter-rater agreement

Test if an instrument predict future performance

1 points  

Question 11

  1. Which of the two designs would best protect against threats to internal validity?

Soloman Four-Group Design

One Shot Case Study Design

1 points  

Question 12

  1. Which of the following research approaches is both repeatable and allows for causal inferences

Case studies

Correlational studies

Descriptive studies

Experimental studies

1 points  

Question 13

  1. To demonstrate predictive validity of a job selection test, you want to show that there is NO correlation between the test and the future job performance of the employees.



1 points  

Question 14

  1. Construct validity of a performance ratings can be demonstrated when

There is no correlation between the ratings and other indicators of performance

There are only positive correlations between the ratings and other indicators of performance

There are only negative correlations between the ratings and other indicators of performance

There are both positive and negative correlations between the ratings and other indicators of performance

1 points  

Question 15

  1. The distribution of scores on a final exam shows that most of the students  scored very high, but there are quite a few with pretty low scores. A frequency distribution will probably show that the data are

Positively skewed

Negatively skewed

1 points  

Question 16

  1. Which of the following will increase the power of a statistical test?

Increase you sample size

Decrease your sample size

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Question 17

  1. When comparing two groups, the hypothesis that there is no difference between the groups is called the ____________ hypothesis.





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Question 18

  1. A correlation (Pearson r) between a standardized test and Freshman grades is r = .80. This r shows a ___________ relationship between the two variables.





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Question 19

  1. In a study to test the relationship between class size and learning effectiveness, which statistical test would be most appropriate?



Pearson r


1 points  

Question 20

  1. As part of an investigation of online learning, the researcher measures student satisfaction with chat rooms compared to discussion boards. The comparison between the chat rooms and discussion boards should be tested using which statistic?


Multivariate R

Pearson r


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