PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS CORRECTLY. ANSWER EACH AND EVERY QUESTION CORRECTLY. 1. From this course, what myths about aging have been dispelled? (10 points) 2. Aging and Social Policy: Ba | Homework Market Help


1. From this course, what myths about aging have been dispelled? (10 points)

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PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS CORRECTLY. ANSWER EACH AND EVERY QUESTION CORRECTLY. 1. From this course, what myths about aging have been dispelled? (10 points) 2. Aging and Social Policy: Ba | Homework Market Help
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2. Aging and Social Policy: Based on your knowledge of aging in America, design a comprehensive government program which addresses the needs of the elderly on all levels: Economic, health, housing, recreation and employment (10 points)

3. Review the “Older American Acts” and answer the following questions: (10 points)

a. What are your general impressions?

b. Can all phases be implemented and enforced? Why? Why not?

c. How does it compare to similar documents in two of the countries we have reviewed?

4. Read the case of Mama Del found in Week 8 Content and answer the following questions, citing your sources: (10 points)

A. Research the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the predominantly poor African-American community primarily affected by the devastation, many elderly, and describe what happened to the communities both in the short term and long term.

B. How was Mama Dell affected, as an African-American elder by the psycho-social “forces” which led to her depression and eventual recovery?

C. How sensitive were government officials to the strong community ties, and “sense of place” felt by the residents?

D. Which of the three theories we have reviewed earlier in class would be applicable to “ The case of Mama Dell”?

5. As the Human Resources Director of a large company, you are asked by the CEO and Board of Directors to design a program for workers who have reached retirement age. How would you approach this task and what would the program look like? Begin by stating why the decision to end mandatory retirement has been made by the company. Follow with the factors you need to considers in designing such a program, and end with a description of the new program. (Consult outside sources, if necessary and cite them). (10 points)

6. Focus on an ethnic grouping (black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or another group of interest to you). Research and summarize your findings about the following (though you are not limited to these topics, but must address them first): 1) the socio-demographic  characteristics of the group (e.g. income, poverty, mental and physical health. 2) The mental health status and needs of the group. 3) Utilization of mental health services 4) Problems of depression and coping among the elderly 5) Role of family and community.  Include the information in the lectures of Week 4, but be sure to add additional citations. (10 points)

7. What are the keys to successful aging? (10 points)

8. Review the essays on elders in the U.S. and other countries. Respond to the following questions: (10 points) (10 points)

a. What are the commonalities all countries share with respect to caring for the elderly?

b. How do these countries differ with respect to the challenges they face?

c. What would you say is the basic attitude towards the elderly in each country?

d. How do you view the approach to solving the challenges of caring for elders in each country?

e. In what country would you like to be an elder, if you could choose? Explain.

9. Research and describe a minimum of three programs begun in the past 20 years that have helped the elderly find a place in society. Determine how effective the programs were (or still are), and the reasons for their success or failure. (10 points)

10. Take a close look at your community. What impediments to the freedom and well being of the elderly do you observe? How can these be rectified? (10 points)

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