Using Ocean Waste to Build Blocks Paper This work is a part of a group work. I need someone to write one page of an introduction letter and one page of a l

Using Ocean Waste to Build Blocks Paper This work is a part of a group work. I need someone to write one page of an introduction letter and one page of a lead press release that contains a letterhead, title, and body paragraphs. The intro letter is the letter to National Geographic. There is an example and prompt attached that can help to deliver the idea. The topic is talking about Using plastic waste in the ocean for building concrete blocks that can be used for housing people in areas of the world that have plastic waste on their beaches and have natural disasters. We will be writing a 12 month plan about basically building a relationship with people in india to help them make these blocks, and then build a starter community to show how this can be done in other parts of the world. And ultimately work with netflix to make a special movie about what we are doing. Eventually partnering with the red cross for relief aid.Please take a good look on everything and let me know if you can do it, it is a 2-3 pages work. Most of work will be done by the group. I just need to finish these two introduction. English 310: Press Kit
Each groups will prepare a press kit (with appropriate visuals) describing a recent discovery,
project, or event from your topic area.
Topic: It should be specific enough that you can cover it, yet potentially expansive enough
to be interesting to the general public.
Format: A single PDF file with links to external resources as needed.
Audience A major newspaper or popular science news magazines is the audience for
your press kit.
Graphics Appropriate visuals include images, drawings, maps, graphs, conceptual
drawings. Visuals should help a general audience understand the complex aspects of your
Organization A name and identity for the organization/non-profit/company, logo,
history and group member profiles. Used also in the TEDx.
Group 1: All of these:
1. Cover Graphic/Logo For the organization promoting the project or event
2. Letterhead For the organization promoting the project or event.
3. Intro Letter The first page in the press kit, placed on the nonprofit’s letterhead, should be an
informative letter that briefly explains what is in the press kit and its purpose. No more than 250
words, letter format.
4. Lead (Press) Release If supporting a particular announcement or event, the lead press release
can contain this information and should be the first element a journalist sees; this is a summary of
the background. Maximum 350 words, single space.
5. Background This section of the press kit is typically two to three pages in length and contains the
background of the project, its history and future direction. This should be written in third person
and be media ready.
6. Biographical information To position staff leadership as experts in the field, include one-page
bios of the executive director, top level management and subject-area experts at the
organization. Bios should be on letterhead and contain and the individual’s name, title, history with
the organization and basic information. Bios could also contain relevant quotes and a photo.
7. Fact Sheets Fact sheets can provide more comprehensive, detailed information about the project
or event, including information about its sponsoring organization. Fact sheets also are useful for
highlighting particular social issues and advocacy work relevant to the organization.
8. Public Engagement Plan A detailed schedule describing how, over the span of a year, you would
organize public and media engagement with your topic, in a variety of settings and media chosen
specifically for their value to relevant stakeholders.
Helpful Links
Atomic Anonymous
696 Santa ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Dear Elon Musk, SpaceX:
We are Atomic Anonymous an organization, that has devoted itself to innovate and
engineer new forms of energy. As the impending danger of climate change draws near, it is
necessary for the U.S to take the lead in advancement of energy innovation. The unrestricted use
of coal and oil has lead to raising the temperatures of oceans, melting the ice caps and depletion
of the ozone layer.
This kit will address who we are as a company, what we stand for and what we do. We as
a company came to be from our drive to have a greater impact on the world and against climate
change. Us as individuals come from various backgrounds that all have contributed to the growth
and development of the company. In this kit we communicate how nuclear energy works on
basic level and how that can be improved upon. The conclusions we have reached are based on
negative consequences of the climate change and inefficiencies of other technologies at energy
production. Our company’s foundations lies on the 3 solutions of nuclear energy that we hope to
implement into some pre-existing or new nuclear reactors. We hope to innovate all nuclear
reactors in some form of way, to progress the U.S as a world leader and be the next stepping
stone for mankind.
We will be presenting our research and development so far, at the ICEES 2018 2nd
International Conference on Energy and Environmental Science on Jan 16, 2018. As a
representative of Atomic Anonymous our main goal is to innovate nuclear energy as a major
source of energy over other more obsolete forms of energy. Nuclear innovations have been over
the last several decades because of the negative stigma surrounding it pertaining the Chernobyl
and Fukushima disasters and counter-funding from large and coal companies. But that has not
scientists from theorizing new forms of nuclear technology that could address the weaknesses in
the past. Our company has 3 main solutions that we are endorsing, that are powerplant robotics,
thorium reactors and deep-borehole drilling. Powerplant robotics involve remote operations of
nuclear power plants using superconductors which reduces the amount of people that is exposed
to radiation and allows it to be located farther away. Thorium reactors on the other hand involves
use of different type of uranium that is more efficient at energy production and is very difficult to
make nuclear weapons from. Finally deep-borehole drilling that is the most in-expensive of all
our solutions that involves drilling deep into the earth and stowing away the nuclear waste away
from the environment.
Between 1760’s and the 1820’s an industrial revolution started in the United States.
Business and the general public soon became dependent on coal and natural gas. In 1879, when
Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, the need for power now only increased. Shortly after the
United States became dependent on energy. To meet demand the energy industry turned to
resources that the United States had readily available, coal and natural gas. By the late 20th
century, scientists began to recognize the environmental issues with coal and natural gas. Coal
and natural gas emit sulfur dioxide into the environment which is a leading cause of global
warming. The coal industry is responsible for mercury contaminating land and water. Mercury
leads to brain damage and heart problems among humans and animals. Along with these
significant issues, lead, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons are all emitted either during the
mining or burning process. These considerable downfalls lead to the United States looking for
different and alternative methods of energy such as solar and wind energy. These new power
sources, however, came with problems of their own. Primarily, storing solar and wind energy is
currently complicated and inefficient. Batteries, when charged and discharged multiple times,
lose their storage capabilities. This price of the batteries matched with their short lifespan deems
them an insufficient solution to the energy storage needs of the United States. Per the U.S.
Energy Information Administration, purchasing renewable energy in the United States is about
double that of coal per kilowatt-hour so consumers will naturally not purchase energy from a
renewable source. .As further research into the field of renewable energy is explored, the cost of
renewable energy will decrease. However, an interim solution is necessary to sustain energy
demands while producing significantly fewer pollutants.Nuclear energy would provide costeffective, clean energy that could satisfy immense power demands.
The solution to the energy crisis is nuclear energy. The future of Nuclear energy will
consist primarily of three new technologies, power plant robotics, Thorium reactors and deep
borehole drilling. To lessen human exposure to dangerous levels of radiation automated
computer and robotic systems can be implemented into nuclear power plants. Power plant robots
and computer systems create a working environment that automates repeated processes and
allows employees to work remotely. Computer operators can control, record, and analyze data
significantly faster than human operators and unlike humans are not prone to physical fatigue.
This aids in general system analysis, diagnostics, monitoring, and many other aspects of power
plant operation. Installing power plant robots and computer systems leads to less catastrophic
errors, a safer working environment, and the ability for nuclear power plants to be placed in
desolate locations.
The second upgrade to nuclear energy is installing Thorium reactors in existing plants
and making Thorium reactors standard in newly manufactured facilities. Thorium reactors
generate less waste, is difficult to weaponize, and are much safer because they are resistant to
meltdowns that cause catastrophic disasters. As stated above Thorium reactors generate much
less high level waste which makes the job of deep borehole drilling much easier.
The third and final improvement to nuclear energy is a method of storing byproduct of
nuclear energy or in other words, waste. Deep borehole drilling cuts a much deeper hole in the
ground then another other conventional storage methods. A deeper hole allows the waste to be
stored below the water table, so if it leaked, there would be no significant environmental
damage.The waste stored in deep boreholes are resistant to natural disasters because of the depth
and location of the hole. This technology can be implemented in an already standing storage
facility in Nevada called Yucca Mountain keeping the cost minimal. Nuclear energy is a logical
solution to meet the energy demands of the United States.
Who are we?
Carl Kopes – Senior Project Manager (SPM)
Carl has joined AA as an intern in 2009 after
graduating from UW- Milwaukee with a degree in
mechanical engineering. Carl showed great strides
and soon took over the role of Senior Project
Manager in 2015. Carls excellent organizational
skills and ability to efficiently lead large scale projects make him a key asset and influential
figure in the organization.
When he isn’t working at AA, Carl tends to his fish hatchery located near the milwaukee river.
He enjoys knitting his own capris and is about to have his 10th child.
Mitchell Ott – Nuclear Production Analyst
Mitchell Comes out of AA taking the role of our
Nuclear Productions Analyst. Mitchell finished
his education in 2011 out of Boulder University,
Colorado with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mitchell has been with us since 2012 and
continues provide valuable man hours in AA. Mitchells main job is to find new methods to make
our facilities more efficient. He often is seen walking the grounds of AA looking at any potential
area that could be changed with his team of subordinates.
Mitchell biggest hobby outside the office is making dank memes in his downtown apartment. He
just topped 1,000,000 karma on reddit and seeks to double it by the end of the year. When he’s
not at home, Mitchell enjoys walking his baby iguana around the 3rd ward district in downtown
Charlie Monroe – Chief Engineer of Nuclear
Processes (CENP) ……………………………
Charlie has been with AA since 2013 is a leading
engineer in the design of our current nuclear
reactor models. Since then he has taken on the
role as Chief Engineer of Nuclear Processes. Prior
to his employment to AA, he obtained his Masters of Nuclear Engineering from the University of
Leuven. His most recent project in AA is producing new designs for automated thorium reactors
that will make nuclear energy production run more efficiently.
Not only is Charlie an expert in the field of nuclear energy, he also is a master poker player. He
can often be found at the Potawatomi Casino-Resort winning local tournament jackpots. His
hobby accounts for more than half his current income.
Benjamin Todd – Structural Design Specialist
(SDS) ………………………………………….
Ben has been apart of AA since 2010 as expert in
structural design. He graduated from UWMilwaukee in 2009 with a degree in civil
engineering. Benjamins merits quickly led to him
assuming the role of Structural Design Specialist.
Ben typically leads the construction and design of some of our largest nuclear production
facilities. Benjamins drive to improve on AA’s infrastructure has paved the road for large scale
production of nuclear innovation. He is a valuable asset to the company and continues to be an
important figure in our structural design department.
Benjamin enjoys free hand rock climbing and crushing boulders with his impressive mandibles.
His favorite hobby is fly fishing in Montana and has the record for largest Bull Trout to come out
of the Kootenay river measuring at 20 pounds, 50 inches!
Abe Ajith – Senior Software Developer (SSD)
Abe is the main computer guy in AA and typically
works long hours to produce innovative
programming for our intricate computer systems.
He leads our tech department and comes out of the
University of Hawaii with a degree in computer
programming. Him and his team have opened up many possibilities for AA to automate our
facilities and make it more technologically advanced. Abe also takes credit for making our
company website, Without Abes leadership behind the monitor our
company would be at a loss and struggle to replace him.
Abe also competes in competitive rowing and is the captain of his small rowing team. Most
weekends, he can be seen on the Milwaukee River trying to best his personal record. He is
currently training to take first in the Milwaukee River challenge and aims to take competitive
rowing to new heights.
Did you know?1
All fact are from EIA Energy
? In the United States, around 20% of the total energy is produced by nuclear power.
However, they are not the only country that produces that much nuclear power, there are
fifteen other countries that also produce over 20% of the total energy from nuclear.
? A single pellet of uranium can produce as much energy as 150 gallons of oil.
? 89% of uranium used is imported from other countries.
? Nuclear reactors produce no carbon dioxide.
? Nuclear reactors in the US have cement barriers that are built to withstand natural
How does a nuclear reactor work?
The energy used to drive nuclear power comes from “fission”. Fission is when an atom
breaks apart, which is the opposite of fusion, when atoms form together. This process of fission,
is controlled in the reactor to produce a certain amount of heat. Then there are two different
types of reactors, the first is a boiling water reactor. This operates the same way as a steam
turbine. The water is boiled and the steam from the water then turns a turbine and generates
energy. The second way is much more complex but uses the same principle of steam to turn a
turbine however, it has two seperate water sources, one clean and one radioactive, and only the
clean water is turned into steam.
Why is Nuclear Energy better?
Nuclear energy is much less expensive to create than every other form of renewable energy
Nuclear energy also costs much less to
operate than any other form of renewable
Why choose nuclear?
? The method that will be used for disposing
of nuclear waste is called deep borehole drilling, as
mentioned before. This method is much safer than
current methods and uses much less space.
Compared to other renewable energy sources like
wind or solar which need massive areas to produce
energy, nuclear is very efficient with the space it
? The nuclear reactors which people may not
like, will bring many amounts of jobs to a
community. These reactors are also regulated by
the government and are required to meet safety
standards. Other forms of renewable energy do not
bring nearly as many jobs as a nuclear power plant does.
How to show nuclear is a good source of energy
In order to show the public the advantages of nuclear energy, we have created a four
phase public engagement plan. We believe that this plan will effectively and efficiently
disseminate accurate information primarily to those most closely involved in nuclear power
production. Additionally, it would also break through the esoteric nature that prevents nonexperts from being involved in the discussion of nuclear power.
Our plan rolls out in four phases, local involvement, media outreach, targeted
involvement, and large scale involvement. Phase 1 focuses on making a foothold in communities
that are directly impacted by nuclear power plants through jobs, pollution, and power production.
This phase is by far the most important as without a successful launch, the following phases will
struggle to produce the desired results. In phase 2, we plan on capitalizing on the growth of
phase 1 by getting our community outreach programs in the mainstream news. Furthermore, we
plan to use the media coverage to promote phase 3 and 4. In phase 3 we will develop our own
large scale expos and exhibitions in order to reach out to the masses, and in phase 4 we will
further use these expos to target specific audiences in order to specifically reach those that care
most about our topic. Each phase is described in further detail below.
As community engagement is the most important part of involvement, the majority of our
efforts will be put towards accomplishing this. The public’s opinion is important because it
allows funding and growth of the nuclear energy industry. Without public support, there will be
no growth and funding will be minimal, causing a decline in energy produced and a replacement
for fossil fuels needs to be established. We also want to inform the public that nuclear energy is
not as bad as it has been portrayed to be and can be very beneficial to communities. To help this
knowledge and support to grow, the best plan would be to interact with the individuals in the
community. There are many ways to do this, a few ways that would be most beneficial are,
hosting events and showcases for youth in the community, such as highschool events or hosting
robotics competitions. Another way to inform the community is to hire college students from the
area, this would allow the students to learn about nuclear energy and then inform others about it.
Hosting events to include youth involvement is a great way to spread information and
awareness of our organization. By involving children, the thought of nuclear energy would be
associated with fun family activities instead of dangerous energy sources. The best way to start
is to do small things, such as be in local parades and festivals and give out candy or other things
that are entertaining to kids as well as informative to adults. After doing this and having our
company be known to families in the community, we will then get involved in local high
schools. By hosting events such as an energy fair, where students of all ages are able to build
small devices and in the process learn about nuclear energy, it will further increase the
knowledge children have about nuclear energy, which they can then bring home and the parents
can learn about it too. Another way to have knowledge about nuclear energy in the younger
generation of the community, we can sponsor a club in the high school that works on simple
robotics. By educating the younger generation, and in turn the older generation, the thought of
nuclear energy and plants as dangerous will slowly disappear and be replaced with a friendly
energy source.
After establishing a good image in the eyes of small communities, we can start to move
toward college campuses. The best way to get involvement on college campuses is to hire
current students as interns and then potentially as new engineers. These new employees will be
able to learn in depth about…
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