The Happiness Projec Leisure and Wellness Plan for Three Life Stages Paper In Part One, you experimented with wellness and leisure activities as suggested

The Happiness Projec Leisure and Wellness Plan for Three Life Stages Paper In Part One, you experimented with wellness and leisure activities as suggested by The Happiness Project and other sources, then evaluated their impact on your happiness and well-being. (I have done this and file is provided, so please read that part 1 first then do the part 2.)

In Part Two, you will develop your own personalized approach to wellness through leisure. Your plan should be framed through the lens of your own cultural experiences: Your gender, ethnic and cultural identity, stage of life, socioeconomic status, educational background, as well as where you live will all influence your world view, wellness, choices, and needs. (?? 25 years old male, you can make up other information though.)

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The Happiness Projec Leisure and Wellness Plan for Three Life Stages Paper In Part One, you experimented with wellness and leisure activities as suggested
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APA format: View the sample paper at Purdue Owl. Below is also a video that reviews how to correctly format an APA-style paper.
Style: 12 point font, page numbers, double-spaced, Times New Roman.
Introduction: Purpose, and a description of your cultural framework (1 page)
Research: Life Stages, Stressors and Strategies (3 pages). Organize your paper chronologically. Review the course materials and supplementary academic literature you have sourced and describe the potential stressors and most effective strategies for experiencing optimal wellness in this life stage according to research. Be cognizant of role restraints you might have at different times of your life. ( i.e. Being a parent, taking care of parents as they age.) If you have already passed a life stage (ex: you are 30 and you’re describing the 20s) identify the stressors you experienced and strategies you wish you had used, or those you found effective. Your recommendations and potential stresses should be based not only on your personal opinion and experience, but substantiated through cited research and sources.
Conclusion: Resource List (1 page)
List 3 LOCAL RESOURCES TO WHERE YOU LIVE that will help you accomplish your goals or handle life stressors (i.e., parenting groups, exercise clubs, 12 step programs, church/community resources, etc.) BE CREATIVE! Be specific.
References: must have a minimum of 3 journals, 3 online sources, 1 book or combination thereof. You may use the textbook or any class materials in your references. – 7 references total. Make sure the References page is correctly formatted. THE HAPPINESS PROJECT
Mo 1
The Happiness Project
The happiness project was one of the most outstanding aspects of the course, and it made
a considerable impact on my personal life. The rationale for the course and the happiness project
has to do with ensuring that the individual is able to review their lives and find out what they can
do so as to feel fulfilled in their lives. From the happiness project, especially, I found that the
activities led to happiness because they enabled me to experience things that I felt were
meaningful in life. For instance, contributing to homeless people, making my room and even my
health better through fun were activities could recommend, and I would like to keep up with.
Part 1
In my personal happiness project, I considered my relationship with my roommate in my
university hostel, I took a yoga session for leisure activity and gave out some clothes to a
homeless man I meet going to the mall. In mending my relationship with my roommate, I took it
to always say good morning and good evening. I also offered my roommate some of my cooked
food as he mostly takes away food from the stores. The first time I offered him food he said he
was okay so I was a little disappointed, but after kind acts such as asking how his day was faring,
he became friendlier. I took that as an achievement. On making the bed, I always did make my
bed, but I decided to add some more aesthetic to it by including an organized color scheme.
Although simple, adding new, different colors to the design of folds when making the bed
improved its outlook quite successfully.
Within the six weeks, the most interesting act of kindness that I did had to do with
donating clothes to a homeless man. The old man is often seated right outside the mall where I
pick my groceries and other supplies. I normally throw some change on the plate where he
Mo 2
collects money from passersby. I talked to two of my classmates, and we waited at a street bench
across to check where he resides or whether he has any housing after all. We located a homeless
shelter where he spends some of his nights, especially during the weekdays. The next day I went
to the shelter and tried to identify the person. The attendant easily recognized him as a frequent
and we left some clothes for him. I found it one of the most fulfilling activities in the happiness
project. For my leisure activities, I took yoga classes offered at the gym I frequent. The yoga
lessons are meant to relax the mind through body exercises and breathing routines. I found the
yoga revitalizing.
Part 2
The activities had a profound impact, and I felt that the initiatives I was making an
improvement in my life. For instance, through the actions of the program, I found my roommate
more hospitable. He also noted the change and mentioned it to me. As such, we got to a level
where we could communicate better, and it made the environment where I stayed more socially
hospitable. In my yoga lessons, there was a lot to learn. First, I strongly regarded my bodily
health as a factor for improving my mental health as well. Taking the physical exercises, I found
mental relaxation as well while also improving my physical health through exercise. The same
emerged concerning making my bed. I felt as though I was coming to a new room every day and
my room was quite relaxing to look at. Giving my bed a new look made me feel even more
comfortable and relaxed as well.
Random Acts of Kindness exercise was important in enhancing my sense of purpose in
life. The activity of ensuring that I did something good to the person was quite an improvement
in how I felt that I impacted the world. Through giving out the clothes in anonymity, I was happy
Mo 3
that somebody somewhere was living better and even if the person did not recognize me as the
reason for their happiness, I was also happy that I had made a positive difference in the world.
Making the bed and participating in yoga both had the same effect on me. I felt that I was doing
something to improve my own life and I felt that I created value in my life.
Part 3
The test is quite effective in finding whether the individual perceives happiness in their
lives or not. From the happiness inventory, one is able to find out from their life activities and
experiences whether or not they consider their lives to be happy. From the scores, I can tell that
there was some level at which the activities I took improved my life.
Part 4
The activities were quite interesting, and I would honestly try all of them given a chance.
However, I would like to keep up two or three of the activities. I would mostly want to continue
my yoga class, and I would want to keep my relationship with roommates always positive.
Therefore, I will continue checking on my health by engaging in yoga therapy. There are many
pieces of evidence that yoga improves the individual’s mental as well as physical well-being and
keeps them from acquiring other infections that are related with a lifestyle that is without any
activity. I would not continue Random Acts of Kindness mostly because I do not have much
money for charity, but whenever I can, I would continue the activity.
In conclusion, contributing to homeless people, making my room and even my health
better through fun were activities could recommend, and I would like to keep up with. The
activities were all things that one would find meaning in their lives. The activities not only
entailed an improvement for my own self but also a positive impact on the people who I interact
Mo 4
with. Although the six-week exercise was activity packed I thought it necessary to ensure that I
am able to actualize the activities I found to have a positive impact in my life as well. For
instance, I would definitely continue the yoga, friendly acts to improve relationships with people
I know and keeping my room or house attractive all the time.
you will research and write a paper that is also a plan for wellness across the lifespan.
Start by describing who you are. What aspects of your identity (gender identity, socioeconomic class,
ethnic/cultural group, immigration status, spiritual orientation, etc) are important for the reader to
understand about you and why you created this specific plan? How did those identities influence the plan we
are about to read?
Layout a simple one-page plan for each of three stages of life: Childhood/Adolescence, Adulthood, and Older
Adulthood. Use references here to substantiate your claims and recommendations — do not just make it up
based on your own experiences and opinions. For someone coming from your own cultural perspective tell us
1) Why is leisure important to someone in this stage of life? What purpose/needs does it fulfill? What form
should it take? 2) What challenges or obstacles to healthy leisure participation might a person from your
cultural frame experience and how might we overcome those? and 3) Give an example of healthy, leisure
activities you would prescribe for someone in your cultural group at this age?
Identify resources in your community to support people in carrying out your recommendations for leisure at
each stage of life.
List at least seven references. At least three should be peer reviewed journals, no more than a maximum of
three online sources (videos, wikipedia, etc), and at least one book (it can be your textbook!).
here’s an overview of what should be in your paper:
I. Introduction
II. Leisure and wellness plan for three life stages
A. Childhood/Adolescence (Importance/description, obstacles and remedies, prescribed
B. Adulthood (Importance/description, obstacles and remedies, prescribed activities)*
C. Older Adulthood (Importance/description, obstacles and remedies, prescribed
III. Local resources for implementing recommendations
A. Childhood/Adolescence
B. Adulthood
C. Older Adulthood
IV. Sources

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