The Great Pleasure Project By Tim Neville ?Portfolio Introduction Portfolio Introduction This introductory essay: makes an argument about your progress in

The Great Pleasure Project By Tim Neville ?Portfolio Introduction Portfolio Introduction

This introductory essay: makes an argument about your progress in the Rhetorical analysis essay. The essay should include the following:

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The Great Pleasure Project By Tim Neville ?Portfolio Introduction Portfolio Introduction This introductory essay: makes an argument about your progress in
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Specific arguments about the advancement of particular writing skills through class participation and engagement, reading and writing homework, paper drafts and the revision process in all its stages, including peer review.

Your reasons for making the choices you made, and what you may have done differently; what you think you accomplished and what you’re struggling with.
Your responses to the class texts and how these sources informed your own work and ideas.
Your plans for the second half of the quarter–what you want to work on in the RIP or in other classes, how you want to develop your ideas, etc.

Beware: you should follow your instincts as well as your informed belief, not hubris or pathos. Consider what you did, what you could have done, what you believe you wanted to learn, etc. Remember that your arguments must be supported by the evidence of your own work–if these don’t reflect each other, than you’re not assessing your progress effectively.

choose a piece of writing that you can analyze as an example in your portfolio introduction.

Your understanding of rhetorical situation (choose at least two):

A piece of writing that illustrates your understanding of how to write to achieve a specific purpose
A piece of writing that illustrates your understanding of how to address a specific audience
A piece of writing that illustrates your understanding of how to write to address a specific cultural or social context
A piece of writing that illustrates your understanding of how to construct a purposeful and effective persona (ethos)

Your understanding of genre (choose at least two):

A piece of writing that illustrates how you follow a specific convention of travel writing to achieve a specific purpose
A piece of writing that illustrates how you subvert a specific convention of travel writing to achieve a specific purpose
A piece of writing that illustrates how you adopt the conventions of any genre (not travel writing) to achieve a specific purpose
A piece of writing that illustrates your understanding of academic writing conventions

Your (ongoing) mastery of specific writing skills (choose at least two):

A piece of writing that illustrates your ability to generate insightful claims
A piece of writing that illustrates your ability to analyze a text
A piece of writing that illustrates your ability to organize an argument effectively
A piece of writing that illustrates your ability to introduce and integrate sources effectively
A piece of writing that illustrates your ability to develop a paragraph effectively, or transition effectively between paragraphs
A piece of writing that illustrates your ability to craft an effective sentence or choose precise, appropriate words
A piece of writing that illustrates your struggle with a specific writing skill

Your writing process (choose at least two):

A piece of writing that illustrates your unique voice as a writer
A piece of writing that illustrates your note-taking strategies
A piece of writing that illustrates your prewriting strategies
A piece of writing that illustrates your drafting strategies

Your revision process (choose at least two):

Two pieces of writing that illustrate a specific aspect of your writing before and after revision
Feedback from a peer + a piece of writing that illustrates how you revised afterward
Feedback from me (or Writing Center tutor) + a piece of writing that illustrates how you revised afterward
Feedback you have given to one of your peers + a piece of writing that shows how you take your own advice

You wrote Rhetorical analysis essay for me. So it should be easy fro you. Guangzhou Tian
Professor Cid
Writing 39B
25 April 2019
Rhetorical analysis: The Great Pleasure Project
The Great Pleasure Project by Tim Neville takes the audience through an imaginative
trip to one of the most exotic ski resort in the country and in the process he unearths oppression
imposed on Koreans by their leader Kim Jong-un. In his article Why we travel, Pico Iyer says
that ‘We travel, then, in part just to shake up our complacencies by seeing all the moral and
political urgencies, the life-and-death dilemmas, that we seldom have to face at home’ (Iyer 5).
Neville`s experiences in North Korea reflects Iyer`s arguments on exploring the moral and
political urgencies that do not happen in America. To bring out the wickedness in North Korea,
Neville uses emotional appeals, personal anecdote, imagery, diction, and dialogue to inform the
audience on the moral decadence they expect to see when they visit North Korea.
The article is majorly dominated by personal anecdote whereby the author recounts about
his personal experience at the ski resort. He highlights various bad experiences he went through
during the stay in Korea which instills fear of visiting Korea among the audience. By describing
the Yanggakdo hotel, in Pyongyang, as having 47 floors and over a thousand outdated rooms but
only 30 rooms were occupied at the time of their visit, he creates an atmosphere of loneliness
(Neville 3). He further aggravates the fear of the readers to visit the country by stating that fewer
than 2500 Americans have visited the country since the end of the Korean War (Neville 8). This
is because it creates a perception that foreigners are not welcome to visit the country or they tend
to go through awful experiences. The author`s story unfolds, scene-by-scene, in the minds of the
audience readers persuading them to rethink their intentions of visiting the country.
Logos, as used in the article, through the use of statistical figures, creates an emotional
appeal to convince the audience on the credibility of the message relayed by the author.
Emphasizing that the Masik Ryong Ski Resort is worth $100 million convinces the audience that
the resort is indeed very expensive (Neville 1). The readers are left wondering how the
government could spend such a huge amount on an exotic ski resort rather than using it to
improve the living standards of the Koreans. Building the resort at the expense of the citizens is a
convincing reason that the government intends to keep the misery, facing the people, a secret
from the eyes of the foreigners. To ensure that they do not get to know that people are subjected
to suffering, foreigners are kept under watch all the time by being given guards to watch them
and having their permits checked at every entrance (Neville 9). They are not supposed to take
pictures of anything dirty but are at liberty to take pictures of anything beautiful (Neville 9).
Neville employs pathos throughout the essay to convince the leader of the plights of the Koreans
thereby evoking a sense of sympathy towards them. The indication that the citizens of Korea are
malnourished and oppressed emanates from the fact that they are led by dictators who care less
about their well-being.
Neville employs imagery in the article by using metaphors and similes to create an image
to the audience on how dreadful the country looks. He states that the frozen Taedong River that
flow around the hotel is corpse-gray, stiff and riddled with abandoned ice-fishing holes that look
like bullet wound (Neville 4). Using the word corpse and bullet creates an emotion of fear among
the audience since the words are usually used in awful contexts. While at the elevator, he meets
with several elderly Koreans and he describes their bodies as gnarled by a lifetime of hunger,
disease, and deprivation. He also states that they move in such a tight, protective pack that their
heads bash together like livestock in a chute (Neville 10). This demonstrates how dictatorship
has adversely affected the lives of people in Korea. They are put through hardships to the extent
that their physical bodies have become malnourished and unattractive. This clearly indicates that
the government of Korea does not have the interest of its people at heart. Kongdan Oh, in her
article political classification and social structure in North Korea reaffirms the plight of people
in the country by saying that ‘Most people live in poverty. Millions are constantly hungry’ (Oh
Neville employs allusion to bring out the rift that exists between the different social
classes of people in Korea. He says that ‘If North Korea were The Hunger Games, Pyongyang
would be the Capitol: a place reserved for the elite to enjoy good food, nice clothes, and
electricity. Out in the districts, the people have nothing (Neville 23).’ Likening Pyongyang to
capitol, in the movies, shows that it is inhabited by rich people who have a lot to enjoy. People
living in the districts are the people who live in surrounding areas and who have nothing to enjoy
in life. By incorporating a popular movie in his writing, the author draws the attention of the
audience to let them know of the immense discrimination, on the basis of social class, rampant in
the country.
The alliteration of the word eyes in the statement ‘Their eyes—Jesus. I can’t stop looking
at their eyes. They are gray and so gooey they look like they could drip out of their skulls and
stain the floor (Neville 10).’ helps the audiences focus on how emaciated the elderly Koreans
look such that their eyes seem to goggle out. The slight imagination of the eyes dripping out and
staining the floor is a sign of heartlessness the Korean government imposes on its people.
The author uses high diction in the paper to enhance the credibility of his experiences and
to connect with the audience. He does not use slang language or sentence fragments which shows
that he uses a formal writing style in the paper. The high diction, as used in the statement ‘you
fold your newspaper gingerly to leave no creases on Kim Jong-un’s face. Mar his visage with a
coffee ring and off to the gulag you go’ is a reflection of superiority accorded to Jong-Un by his
subjects (Neville 13). The subjects are not supposed to break even a single rule or carry out any
misstate lest they suffer terrible consequences. To drive his point home, Neville uses a
combination of strong vocabularies such as gingerly, mar and visage which show Jong-un `s
authority over his people.
Neville narrates a brief history of the regimes that have ruled Korea since the end of the
Korean War to show how dictatorship, displayed by Jong-un, has been passed down from Kim
Il-sung, whose era lasted for 50 years. He describes how Kim Il-sung rose into power after the
Korean War and how Jong-un copied his leadership style (Neville 14). He also talks of Juche,
used as North Korean calendar, in italics to emphasize its importance in Korean history. It
stipulates that that Korea does not rely on other countries for its sustenance which implies that it
has the capacity to meet its needs (Neville 14). According to research by the Central intelligence
Agency, North Korea adopted the policy of ostensible diplomatic and economic “self-reliance”,
after failing in the Korean War, as a check against outside influence (CIA 1). Neville gives a
vivid description of the brutality portrayed by Kim Il-sung, during his era, by indicating that he
used to kidnap foreign actors, spent resources to develop atomic bomb and executed peasants
who distributed rice during famine (Neville 16). Taking the audience to a time in the past helps
them to compare the dictatorship portrayed by Kim Il-sung against that portrayed by Jong-un. It
shows that Koreans have suffered oppression for quite a long time which shows that they are
very perseverant. They have withstood oppression for a long time such that they never complain
about it.
The dialogue that ensues between the author, Dan and the guide when the guide tells
them “You took photos,” they reply “No, we didn’t” and the guide suspiciously says “Hmm,”
helps the audience understand the authoritative characteristics displayed by people working in
North Korea (Neville 12). It echoes how secretive the failures of Korea should be treated because
the guides are put under watch to ensure they do not allow foreigners see what they are not
supposed to see. The author and his friends are not supposed to take any picture that brings out
the failures of Korea but are allowed to take pictures of beautiful places in the region. This
creates a sense of deceit in the Korean government as they are more focused on creating an
image that Korea is a good place while the people of Korea are struggling to survive. Majorly,
the dialogues in the article are declarative but are effective in enlightening the audience about the
horrible experiences at Korea. Miss Rhee says, without emotions, that “We owe everything to
our glorious leaders,”, “They love us and we love them (Neville 13).” This statement is sarcastic
in that the same people who are suffering oppression under Jong-un regime are the same that
believe their leaders love them. It indicates that people are satisfied with the conditions they have
been subjected to by their leaders creating a sense that they have been brainwashed to believe
their leaders are right. Exclamatory sentences such as “Defending the leader at the cost of our
life is our best life!” further shows the audience that the citizens are contented with the
oppression facing them such that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their
leaders (Neville 23). This can be considered as modern day slavery which allows slaves to
worship their leaders for the fear that they are going to be intimidated.
Despite bad living conditions, the author shows that Koreans are still happy with life. He
portrays them laughing creating a sense of happiness (Neville 29). He further states that ‘We in
the West can’t imagine that people in a place ruled by such darkness and death could ever find
joy. But sometimes they do (Neville 43),’ which shows that they have their way of smiling
through the pain.
Through a recount of his experiences in North Korea, Neville utilizes rhetoric strategies
to give his audience a clear picture of what visiting the country entails. He leaves them with the
choice of whether to take a trip to Korea or not by uncovering most of the information that is
hidden to foreigners by the country.
Work cited
CIA. “East Asia/Southeast Asia :: Korea, North — The World Factbook – Central Intelligence
Agency”. Cia.Gov, 2019, Accessed 23 Apr 2019.
Iyer, Picor. “Why We Travel | – Pico Iyer Journeys –”. Picoiyerjourneys.Com, 2000, Accessed 24 Apr 2019.
Neville, Tim. “The Great Pleasure Project”. SKI, vol 1, no. 1, 2017, pp. 1-1. Active Interest
Media, Accessed 19 Apr 2019.
Oh, Kongdan. “Political Classification And Social Structure In North Korea”. Brookings, 2003, Accessed 23 Apr 2019.

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