Specific Areas of Physical Health To Improve the Most Exercise Plan Paper Please follow the instructions of the file “EXERCISE PLAN”, reponse and make a pl

Specific Areas of Physical Health To Improve the Most Exercise Plan Paper Please follow the instructions of the file “EXERCISE PLAN”, reponse and make a plan. The file “Disease Assessment” is my report for step 1 of the “EXERCISE PLAN”.The file “30-Minutes Fitness Routine” is for step 4, this is how it should be done but please make some change since there are 4 other group member know this file and they might copy it somehow. EXERCISE PLAN 50pts
Respond to the following
1. Looking back at your physical assessments discuss which specific areas of your physical
health you could improve the most.
a. Discuss any special considerations you may have for yourself after completing all
of the various disease assessments throughout the semester.
i. For example, you may know that you have an increased risk for
developing type 2 diabetes so you may want to focus on an exercise
program that may help decrease your chances of developing such a
ii. Or you may have weight loss or weight gain goals, you may want to
complete a 5k or marathon etc
2. Based on your results from you physical assessments and your current exercise habits
classify your fitness level ranging from beginning, intermediate or established
exerciser/advance. Discuss what a hypothetical ideal weekly fitness plan should include
for some one of your of your current fitness level.
a. You must include the ACSM recommendation for all 4 areas of fitness discussed
in the text (See ch 5-8).
3. Fill in the 7-day calendar below with a brief outline of your ideal hypothetical fitness
a. You do not have to describe each exercise that is going to be done in the fitness
routine, but indicate what area of fitness you will be working on that day. For
example on Monday I may do aerobic exercise at moderate intensity, for 30
minutes. Rest days are expectable to have as well
4. Create one 30 minute individualized total body workout routine that you can do on your
own with minimal to no equipment.
a. Remember you are creating a routine for general fitness and MUST include a
warm-up, main exercise set/program, cool down, and stretching
b. Be sure to include the following
i. The name and brief description of the exercise
ii. Image or video link of how to perform the exercise.
iii. The primary goal/focus/target of the exercise (i.e. strengthen
quadriceps and hip flexors, Cardiorespiratory fitness,
stretch/lengthen hamstrings)
iv. The number of reps and sets
c. Provide any and all sources, links etc on a separate reference page
Grade Break down
Written Response 25 points
Follows appropriate
formatting for written work.
Includes ample detail in
Uses proper grammar and
Exercise Plan 20 points
Includes all details asked for
Well organized and easy to
References 5
citation of all
My risk for stroke is very much below average. This is because of my healthy lifestyle
that includes; I don’t smoke, regular exercises, no alcohol, high intake of fruits, low
cholesterol intake, etc. I should, however, do more and regular exercises, check on my
waist size and avoid garlic, tomatoes, nuts, and chocolate.
My risk for heart disease is very much below average. This is because of factors such
as; no much exposure to tobacco smoke, low cholesterol level; I don’t smoke, regular
physical exercises, etc. However, I should check on areas to have a healthy heart and
avoid its complications. Such include; eating more nuts, cut back on unsaturated fats,
eat more fish and take a multivitamin.
My risk for diabetes is very much below average. This has resulted because of factors
such as; I take regular exercises daily, don’t smoke, use unsaturated fats on most days
and I take 3 or more servings of whole grains most days. However, is should undertake
measures to cut down on refined starches, take more water and lose more weight to an
average of 60 kilograms.
For one to be termed as healthy, it means he/she has a complete emotional, physical,
mental and social wellbeing. Health does mean not only the absence of a disease in a
human body but also the ability to recover from any illness. Good health is brought by
the environment, relationships, genetics, and education. Therefore, if an individual
knows all possible diseases, they can develop a healthy lifestyle. I do agree with the
statement because knowledge about the existence of various diseases makes people
undertake measures such as: Regular physical exercises, Take a healthy diet, Screen
for diseases to be sure of one’s health status. Mental health refers to a person’s
emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It does not necessarily mean the
absence of anxiety, depression and other disorders. It also means the ability to enjoy
life, feel secure and safe, adapt to adversity, adopt difficult experiences and achieve
one’s potential. Therefore, mental and physical health are related. Illnesses such as
depression affect the body’s ability to function and loss of weight. It’s therefore
advisable to approach health as a whole rather than on its different forms.
30-Minutes Fitness Routine
1. Arm Circles: 10 repetitions forward, 10 reps backwards: Stand with feet
shoulder width apart and arms by your side. Slowly move your arms forward in large
circular motion then repeat going backwards.
Targets shoulders, triceps, back and biceps. It loosens up tension in shoulders and
warms the joints.
2. Hip Circles: 10 reps outward and 10 inward: Stand
with feet together, raise the right knee to
90 degree angle then circle the hip out with the knee making a big circle. Switch
directions for another 10 then switch to do the reps on left side.
Strengthens the core, loosens the spine, hip joints, pelvic and back.
3. Walk-Outs: 10 reps:
Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms at your sides. Bending at
the hips reach your hands to the floor then crawl out until you are in a high plank
position. Break for a couple of seconds with shoulders over wrists and engaging abs.
Crawl back to stand on feet and repeat.
Good for core and stretching hamstrings. Works on flexibility and strength.
4. Air Jump “Roping” (no real rope needed): 20 seconds X 3:
Stand feet slightly apart and arms
at side with hand acting as though they are holding a jump rope. Go at your own level
of comfort and jump like you are jumping rope. Pause in between for a few seconds
and go again.
This gets you warmed up by getting the blood pumping.
5. Reverse Lunge to Knee Raise: 13 reps each side:
Stand with feet hip-width apart then take a
big step back with your right foot. Bend both knees, lowering yourself until your right
knee is approximately 6 inches off the floor. Push off with your right foot and bring knee
up to a 90 degree angle. Then promptly place your right foot back down to do another
rep. Do the same with your left leg when done with right.
This is a core and strengthening exercise that works the glutes, quads and the
6. Squats: 20 Reps:
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and turned out just a little and
keeping your hands at your chest. Bending at your knees and hips move into a squat
position. While bending keep your chest high and bring your butt down to knee
height. Drive it through your heels come back up to standing position and repeat.
This works glutes, quads and hamstrings.
Aerobic Exercise:
1. Speed walk, 3 minutes, back and fourth: Maintain a good posture, keep your chin
up, shoulders relaxed, and back straight. Arms should be bent 90 degree at the elbow,
with a closed fist.
This works out the muscles in the lower leg.
2. Light jog 3 minutes straight: Head should be faced directly forward. You want your
ears in line with your shoulders, while your shoulders are pushed back. Arms at a 90
degree angle. Hands should be relaxed, torso should be kept tight. Knees in line with
the middle of your foot and feet should be used to push off, instead of just lifting them.
This works out your hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, calf muscles and the core area.
Muscular Strength/Endurance:
1. Sit-ups: 15 Reps: Start with bodyweight exercise without using the weights. Ly flat on
your back, with your legs, bent but your feet are lying flat on the ground. Place your
hands beneath your neck and bring your body up towards your knees. Then back to the
ground in a controlled motion. Perform at least 15 repetitions per set. Increase the sets
to improve muscle strength.
The action aims at strengthening the leg and the abdominal muscles and enhancing their endurance.
2. Squats: 10 Reps: Perform the squats with your feet-hip width apart and your hands on
your hips. Pull your abdominal part in and lift your chest. Sit up and down assuming
there is a chair without leaning on your upper body.
Squats work on strengthening the muscles on the buttocks and thighs.
3. One-Arm Row: 5 Reps: Stand to the left of a chair, feet hip-width
apart. One palm of
your hand facing in. You can decide to hold weight with one hand and bend forward
from the hips. Ensure that your back is slightly arch and your body lying parallel to the
floor. Balance with your other hand holding on to the chair. Pull your right side until your
elbow points up straight then back down.
This activity aims at strengthening the muscles around the upper, middle back and shoulders.
4. Kick-backs: Stand to the left of a chair. Hold some weight with your right hand,
width apart. Lean forward at the hips till your upper body is at a 45 degrees angle to the
floor. Place your left hand on the chair for support. Maintain your elbow close to your
waist while pulling the abdominals in. Repeat by interchanging the hands.
This activity aims at strengthening the triceps muscles.
5. Plank: Lie
on the floor and clasp your hands in front of your forehead. Press up to
balance on your forearms and toes. Pull your abs in to avoid sagging your lower back.
Ensure your hips doesn’t drop. Keep your toes straight as your abs are pulled to
maintain balance. Perform ten counts in that position.
This activity aims to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder, thighs, and buttocks.
The action also aids in aerobics by exercising the chest area and the abdominals.
Flexibility or Functional Fitness:
1. Leg stretches, 2 minutes:
Sit on the ground, extend one leg out and reach for your toe. Do
this for both your right and left leg (1 minute each)
Helps improve flexibility in your legs
2. Quad stretches, 1 minute: Stand
up with both feet together, bend one of your knees and
reach for it with the same hand. Do this for both your right and left leg (30 seconds
Helps improve flexibility in quads
3. Butterfly stretch, 1 minute: Sit
on the ground, align the soles of your feet together, lean
Stretches out the groin area and improves flexibility
4. Cobra stretch, 1 minute:
Lay flat on the ground with your legs and feet close to each
other. Touch the ground with the palm of your hands (palms should be close together).
Tilt your head back and look up. Your shoulders should be relaxed and your back
should be close to a 90-degree angle.
Stretches out the back and improves flexibility
5. Shoulder stretches, 1 minute:
Stand up straight and put one arm across your elbow. Use
your other arm to pull the other one towards your chest. Do this for both arms (30
seconds each)
Improves shoulder flexibility
Cool Down:

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Specific Areas of Physical Health To Improve the Most Exercise Plan Paper Please follow the instructions of the file “EXERCISE PLAN”, reponse and make a pl
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