Positions of Women in Latin America Paper Use weebly make a web page about the positions of women in Latin America.The project should include charts, maps,

Positions of Women in Latin America Paper Use weebly make a web page about the positions of women in Latin America.The project should include charts, maps, pictures, videos, and any other elements that you feel enhance the exploration of your topic. You can use programs such as Prezi, The History Project, Weebly. Running head: TRANSNATIONAL FEMINISM
Women in Latin America share something in common with women in the world. The
first thing is inequality in society as well as discrimination in most parts of the world. Starting
from family levels, political and economic level among others, women in Latin America
countries had assumed inferior role just like in the most parts of the world. It is right to state that
men appeared more superior to women in Latin America. Furthermore, women in Latin America
fought for equality for a longer time than other countries such as America. In addition, there are
more cases of social, economic and political inequality of women in Latin America than in the
USA today. However, Latin women have also made progress of having women president in
some countries such as Brazil and Chile.
Latin American women and families
Traditionally, women in South America assume a single role in society. This is similar to
other parts of the world including the USA. They assumed the role of organizing and maintaining
their families. The highest status given to women traditionally is children bearing. Latin America
gave women the family role of bearing children and taking care of the children. They had no
rights to go to work. Men took all honors. The society believed that women had no honor but
they could easily ruin or injure the honor in a family (Chaney, 2014). One of the notable things
that could injure the honor is engaging in irresponsible sexual activities.
Women role is taking shape in the family though this is happening in a slow way.
Women are assuming more responsibilities in their families beside childbearing and taking care
of the family, women are taking some economic roles in the family since some of them can work
and make money. However, the challenge is that most of the women who support their families
economically are the young ladies and single parents. This is a major course that promotes
migration of Latin American men to the USA in a bid for better jobs to support their families.
Women are yet to be embraced as equal being in the family since they are still considered as
inferior to men.
Women in the families faced a threat for the society since they were always considered to
be in the wrong whenever something wrong happened in the family. Women faced severe
punishment by society when something wrong happened to the family. For example, adultery
and fornication were affiliated to women only. When a man, father or husband is wronged, he
can drive the daughter or a wife out of the family (Craske, 2013). At times, it appeared normal
when a husband or a father kills a wife or a daughter respectively when wronged.
However, things are slowly changing with the rate at which society is changing with the
change in the legal landscape. The law holds a man responsible when he kills his daughter or a
wife. This protects the woman in a significant way.
Women and politics
One of the notable progresses seen among women in lactic America is in political areas.
Initially, women assumed roles in their families and nothing more. However, this role seems to
change with many women taking political responsibilities. There are considerable numbers of
political leaders who are women. Unlike in the USA, Latin America has had female presidents.
As stated above, Brazil and Chile have had women ascend to the level of presidents. This is huge
progress in society. It is also a considerable change by society to accept women as their leader to
accord them such honors and political responsibility. Despite the fact that men dominate the
political landscape, women also have their say. It has not been easy for the women to climb such
political ladders in Latin America and other parts of the works. It has been an uphill battle for
Women fought their political chances for a long time and in a hard way. Women political
participation started from being activists especially when they fought for a better position in the
society. Women fought for their rights to vote in the nineteenth century. Eventually, women rose
from being mere voters to politicians. They occupied political offices some of them assuming the
highest political position as presidents. This did not just happen in Latin America but to various
parts of the world including the USA. Women fought for their political position. Women in
Latin America did not neglect their family responsibilities to assume political roles (Jalalzai,
2016). They remain respectful of their duties as wives, mothers and family caretakers.
Women and Economic Development
Traditionally, Latin Women suffered from social economic issues and inequalities that
happen until today. Women discrimination in the Latin world and other parts of the world
contributes significantly towards their poor economic status today. Comparing with men, women
have lower chances to grow and develop economically. Lesser women than men get jobs in Latin
America and other parts of the world. This affects women economic empowerment in society
even today. About two-thirds of women live in poverty. Education is also a challenging woman
in Latin America. Without education, women lose economic opportunities making them poor.
About half of the women population takes part in economic activities while more than
three-quarters of men take part in economic activities. There are social, economic and legal
factors that prevent women from, taking part in economic activities. For example, it is only a
quarter of Latin women who assume the position on public and state powers. Latin women also
face some problem in society since they earn a lower income than men. Comparing with other
parts of the world, women are yet to get to the level of men. For example, women in the
Netherlands and Finland who holds public position and state power are about forty percent.
Therefore, Latin Women are suffered from discrimination in society. Although this has
not fully changed, the progress is good since women are gaining their honor in society today.
Chaney, E. M. (2014). Supermadre: Women in politics in latin america. Place of publication not
identified: Univ Of Texas Press.
Craske, N. (2013). Women and Politics in Latin America. Hoboken: Wiley.
Jalalzai, F. (2016). Women presidents of Latin America. Beyond family ties?. New York :

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Positions of Women in Latin America Paper Use weebly make a web page about the positions of women in Latin America.The project should include charts, maps,
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