Lynn University Ethical Leadership in Business Presentation Please prepare a 8 – 10 minute presentation that presents your research question for the final

Lynn University Ethical Leadership in Business Presentation Please prepare a 8 – 10 minute presentation that presents your research question for the final paper to the class. You may have a PowerPoint that accompanies your presentation, though this is not necessary. You also need:A clear and distinct introduction with attention getter, relevance, credibility and thesis statementsAt least two main points in subordinated structureA conclusion with a thesis restatement and clincherDirectional transitions before and after all main pointsAn outline with all of the above that follows proper labeling conventions (Main points: I, II; Supporting points: A, B, etc.)A presentation of 8 – 10 minutes to be delivered in class on the day you pick (Note: there are no speech makeups without exceptional circumstances) Running head: ETHICAL LEADERSHIP IN BUSINESS
Ethical Leadership in Business
George Mavrookas
Business Ethics
Lynn University
Ethical leadership in Business
Ethical leadership entails the exercise of moral and ethical principles in the business
environment. This is very important because it plays a critical role in determining the direction
which the business takes. Essentially, as leader is considered to have social power which they
use mostly to influence decisions and actions in an organization set up. In this regard, ethical
leadership demands that a leader be honest, trustworthy and demonstrate a high level of integrity
when dealing with other people. They should show concern to all the stakeholders in the
organization and strive to build a community. Ethical dilemmas are deemed to arise especially
when a leader is exercising their duties. In such cases, ethical leadership requires the leader to be
objective and not to be swayed by their emotions or personal interests. Therefore, there is need
for organizations to invest heavily in training about the ethical framework which is important in
enhancing ethical leadership and self-discipline when one is acting in a business context. The
style of leadership applied by an ethical leader should be authentic democratic, cooperative and
transformational. In this regard, the most appropriate style for an ethical leader is the
collaborative leadership style.
Undeniably, business ethics entails a form of professional ethics that examines the
ethical principles and moral issues that arise in the business environment. Essentially, business
ethics applies to all aspects of business, and it concerns individuals working in the business
environment and organizations (Bartnik et al., 2018). The ethical standards in the business
environment demand that both business organizations and individual s conform to certain moral
standards. However, there are certain special aspects which should be considered in the
application of ethics in the business environment. For a business to survive, it must make a
profit. If the profit is made by engaging in unethical practices and poor styles of leadership, then
the business may not survive for a long time. The business must balance its desire to make a
profit, the needs of the society as well as that of its employees. This balance may be difficult for
any business to maintain, but it is necessary. In this context business ethics refers to the practices
within the business environment such as morality which are aimed at advancing ethical practices
(Ciulla, Martin & Solomon, 2011). Its leadership determines the direction taken by any business.
This means that the leaders in the business must understand the topics of ethics very well what it
entails and why it is critical to the organizations they lead. As a branch in philosophy ethics is
simply concerned with the intention, means and the consequences of moral behavior. Therefore,
ethical leadership in the business context entails the leadership style which respects the dignity
and rights of other people.
Ethical leadership in Business Context
Naturally, a leader is considered to be in a position of social power. Ethical leadership,
therefore, is concerned with how the leader uses the social power they have in decision making
and their conduct. In this regard, there is a concern of how power influences the decisions and
actions of a leader as well as how the leader influences the decisions of other people within the
business context (Greenwood & Freeman, 2018). Essentially, an ethical leader demonstrates high
standards of integrity which is very critical for stimulating a great sense of trustworthiness in
business leadership. Hence the followers can accept and follow the leaders’ vision for the
business organization. Integrity and trustworthiness are very critical components of ethical
leadership. The integrity and character of a leader form the basis for the individual’s
characteristics which on the other end directs their decisions, beliefs, and values. The individual
values and beliefs direct the decisions making of a leader, and therefore, play a key part in
determining whether a leader is ethical or not. This is the long terms influences the ethical
decisions of a leader.
There are different ethical behaviors of a leader. First, ethical leadership demands that a
leader be honest, trustworthy and demonstrate a high level of integrity when dealing with other
people. A trustworthy leader will make a good contribution to effective leadership. In cases
where there is the perception that a senior leader in business is trustworthy, then the stakeholders
in that business are never comfortable (Belschak et al., 2018). Many people will avoid dealing
with both the leader and the business this is likely to affect the performance of the business
organization negatively. An ethical leader is honest and will say that truth always. They also
trustworthy in the sense that they stand with the truth and many people will accept their words.
This means that a leader who is honest and trustworthy has a high level of integrity. It is
important to note that in the business environment, integrity goes beyond honesty and
trustworthiness, to include loyalty to the rational principles. This means a leader who values
integrity will act as per their words without regard to the social pressure or emotional
environment they may be operating in.
Further ethical leadership de4mands that a leader shows concern to all the stakeholders in
the organization. A leader who is ethical will always to strive to treat all the parties affected by
their actions (Wang, Xu & Liu, 2018). They will be fair in deliberating and deciding all the
matters brought to their attention. They should at all times avoid creating winners or losers in
their decision making. The business leaders’ responsibility to maximize the profit of the investors
always conflicts with their role to balance the interest of all the stakeholders. The business
leaders are supposed to always to be alive to the economic and social Aspect of the business
organization and avoid borrowing down only on the interest of the shareholders. For instance,
any business leader who wishes to maximize the benefits of the shareholders may cut the cost to
increase the profits. They may also consider overstating the profit of the organization to impress
the investors, laying off some employees to cut off the cost or even overcharge the customers
(Feng et al., 2018). They can also consider reducing the financial benefits according to the
employees such as health insurance. Although all these options may be the standard practice, it
goes against the interest of certain stakeholders. Therefore, it is prudent for the business leader
trio to ensure that the decisions they make in the business management takes into consideration
the interests of all the stakeholders and ensure they are balanced.
Additionally, an ethical business leader should strive to build a community. This means
that they should take into account the interest of all the stakeholders and help them to work
towards achieving a common goal. A leader needs to take into account their purpose as well as
that of their followers as they set goals which are compatible for them all (Ciulla et al., 2018).
When people are brought together to work towards a common constructive goal, then they build
a community. Further, respecting individual is an important aspect of moral and ethical
leadership. This incorporates different aspects of morality. For instance, when a leader says the
truth, that shows they also respect the other people and expects them to be honest. When a leader
treats other people fairly, that is also an aspect of showing respect. Showing respect shows that
one recondite that the other person has some work and should be treated with dignity and
kindness. It also shows that the person should be treated with courtesy. For instance, ethical
leadership would demand that the leader seeks to know how they can make the working
environment for the employees better. The leader should consult and considers the views of the
employees before making critical decisions affecting them. This is a clear indication that the
leader recognizes their worth in the organization. The respect is also demonstrated on how a
leader addresses their juniors. An ethical leader should address their juniors with courtesy.
An ethical leader should accomplish victory silently. Ethical leadership requires that the
leader work silently perhaps behind the scenes and accomplish more victories regularly. Instead
of showing themselves off as a hero or heroine, ethical leaders work silently, especially on a
moral agenda (Kimura & Nishikawa, 2018). In some instances, such leaders will silently work
out a compromise to ensure that the decisions made have an ethical outcome. Such leaders do not
speak a lot, but they work. They are heard through the results of their work. Ethical leaders will
lead by example, and in most cases, they lead the employees in achieving the goals of the
business by focusing mainly on the work. It is due to this nature of ethical leadership that ethical
leaders will rarely make decisions leading to unethical outcome because they take time to think
and consult before making certain decisions. Their juniors cannot easily challenge their decisions
are normally well thought and reasoned hence.
Typical Ethical Dilemmas for the Leaders
Maintaining professional ethics in business leadership can pose several challenges. Most
of the ethical violations, in this case, occurs in a therapeutic relationship can be juxtaposed to the
supervisory relationship between a business leader and their juniors. The supervisory relationship
between a business leader and their juniors which mainly starts from the evaluation of the
performance is crowded with inappropriate, uncomfortable and potentially litigious situations
(Arenas et al., 2018). For instance, there can be a case where leaders in their supervisory role
discuss the shortcomings of one employee with another employee yet the real victim will not be
informed of their shortcomings. This is not ethical leadership as it would in the long term
encourage gossip in the working environment. The ethical dilemma may even be high if the
leader discusses the shortcomings of one employee with another one and yet they are not willing
to address the employee in question so far as they have the work done. There are also cases
where leaders pass their work to their juniors who are already overwhelmed by their work. The
ethical dilemma, in this case, occurs when a leader passes the duties and responsibilities which
they are supposed to be performing to a junior. If the junior performs them very well, the other
employees may start getting a feeling that the junior employee is looking for favors from the
Other ethical dilemmas in business leadership, is where a leader has to supervisor
someone who has been a long time close friend. This brings the issue of whether one should give
up a friendship or they continue their friendship relations after working hours. There will also be
the issue whether it will be possible for the leader to act objectively without showing any signs
of favors to the employee who has been their friend (Greenwood & Freeman, 2018). An ethical
dilemma may also arise where an employee of the organization wants to do business with the
organization they are working with. The leader may be in a dilemma whether to accept or decline
such deals especially where the organization does not have a policy to that effect. These are
some of the ethical dilemmas which business leaders face especially in their supervisory role.
Such issues call for deep reflection and thinking to ensure the decision made does not lead to the
unethical outcome as this may have negative implications on the business in the long term. It is
important to note that ethical leadership would require that when a leader is deciding on the
issues that raise ethical dilemma, they should keep their interests away and be objective.
In addressing the issue of ethical dilemmas in the leadership, there are several approaches
which can be adopted in the business environment. The first is the leadership attempt which is
the effort to influence the behavior of another person (Bartnik et al., 2018). It is measured as
either successful or unsuccessful depending on the outcome. For instance, if a leader is trying to
get the employees to do some work on time, then, that leader will be termed as successful or
unsuccessful depending on the response of the employees. If the employees show the desired
response, then the leader is termed as effective. Ethical leadership demands that for a leader to be
effective, they should take the leadership beyond the level of just being successful l(Arenas et al.,
2018). For instance, if the employees do what they ate supposed to do simply because they fear
the leader, then the leader can only be said to be successful but not effective.
However, if the employees in the organization perform the tasks assigned to them
because they find it rewarding then it can be said that the leadership in that organization is
successful and effective. It means that the leadership in that organization has influenced the
employees to work towards getting the desired result. The employees will have been influenced
to develop a positive attitude and are motivated to work towards achieving the goals of the
organization. What comes clear from these examples is that success is determined by how an
individual or group of people behaves which effectiveness is determined by their internal state
and it is more related to the attitude by nature. In this regard, an effective leader will generate
more power by cultivating acceptance by the employees and will be more general in their
approach to supervision. This is an ethical way of empowering the employees and other
stakeholders of the business organization (Greenwood & Freeman, 2018). There are cases where
doing what is wrong will lead to the right results and doing what is right will lead to bad results.
In such circumstances, the moral obligation may seem to be satisfied by attaining a good end.
There can also be the satisfaction of doing the right thing always irrespective of the outcome.
Ethics is an internal feeling to do the right thing always. An ethical leader has the moral
obligation to make a judgment ion what or wrong or right. It has everything to do with one’s
behavior to society. On the other hand, the dilemma is a term with a negative connotation. It
entails where one is presented with a situation where they have to make unpleasant choices
between undesirable alternatives available to them.
Ethical Dilemmas in leadership context
Generally, in leadership ethical dilemma arises in a situation where there are two or more
values which are deeply held comes into direct conflict in a situation where the possible answers
available offers an imperfect answer. This main occasion in a situation where there are different
decisions and each of them is valid (Bartnik et al., 2018). In most cases, such a situation evokes
emotions and strong personal opinions. The complex situation in which the ethical dilemma
arises in leadership involves a strong mental on the values held whereby holding upon one will
mean transgressing on the other. Perhaps this is the reason why integrity, ethics, and compromise
have become central to leadership training. This has been in an attempt to enhance the
effectiveness of ethical leadership. Arguably, ethical dilemma is cited to refute the claims of the
established ethical system. In modern times leaders in the business organizations have difficult
times convincing the stakeholders that they are honest. Many people have serious doubts about
the ethical standards and honesty of the leaders. There are very few business leaders who have
managed to develop their values and the moral compass especially concerning the
comprehensive trade policies, robust structures, and systems, and many other factors which make
major contributions to ethical leadership in business organizations (Greenwood & Freeman,
2018). Some leaders as they try to shift their culture to a more ethical approach some leaders will
only find it prudent to develop their skills in handling ethics in business. For instance, some
leaders may avoid doing certain things which makes certain practice in business ethics. This may
not be out of negligence but lack of awareness of how certain initiatives can influence ethical
change in the business organization.
As a result, many leaders, especially in business organizations, end up benefits from their
values and ethics in their leadership approach. This includes the opportunities to examine their
ethical decision-making skills and the ethical environment in the organization (Ciulla, Martin &
Solomon, 2011). In some case, a leader in the business environment may not be sure whether
they are facing an ethical dilemma. There are several signs to be considered in determining
whether a leader is experiencing an ethical problem. The first is discomfort where the leader is
very uncomfortable with a certain situation. The other sign is guild, and in this respect, the leader
should explore the reason why they have such a feeling. The other sign is tress where the leader
feels pressured loses sleep and they are unable to make difficult decisions. There is also the sign
of anger where the leader may get angry any time they experience work-related pressure. There
is also a sign of feeling embarrassed. This is where the leader finds it difficult to tell the
employees what they are doing, or they are planning to do about their work as leaders. Finally,
there is the issue of fear where the leader is not comfortable being exposed for what they are
doing or planning to do in their capacity as leaders. The occurrence of these signs to a leader in
the business environment points directly to a possible ethical issue. It is either that the leader is
acting in an unethical manner or they are experiencing an ethical dilemma and are unsure of the
decision to make.
Promoting Ethical Leadership
One of the most important ways to enhance the practice of ethical leadership is through
training. Proper training for the leaders is important in enhancing their understanding of the
ethical framework in the organization and be self-disciplined when they are making decisions in
difficult situations (Bartnik et al., 2018). For instance, to enhance ethical leadership, many
organizations conduct regular training for their leaders on the use of the code of ethics. Given the
dynamics in the cooperate world; it is important that the organizations invest heavily in training
if their leaders on ethical matters. This will promote their ability to make ethical decisions in the
new difficult situations which they are likely to face in the management of the organization
affairs. It is important to note that in training about ethical leadership it important to ensure that
the person conducting training has a good understanding of ethics in the business practice and
have an interest in that particular area. This will ensure that proper training if the employees on
ethical leadership. In the business environment ethical dilemma arises where there are two
desirable or undesirable actions which conflict. In some instances, no rules are covering the
specific actions or the rules are…
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