MBA 560 AAA Cooper Transportation GPS Navigation Project Paper Final Project is the combination of Milestone one, Milestone Two, and Milestone Three to mak

MBA 560 AAA Cooper Transportation GPS Navigation Project Paper Final Project is the combination of Milestone one, Milestone Two, and Milestone Three to make it a complete paper. I have placed these three Assignments in a one document as required. For this mission, you may need to add or modify it to make it a complete paper, depending on the requirements of Final Rubric. This is not a new paper. You only need to add or modify the previous Milestone one, two, and three as required by Final Rubric. Running head: GPS NAVIGATION
GPS Navigation
Executive Summary
AAA Cooper Transportation (ACT) is a leading trucking company that offers less than
truckload shipping services across the country and in other parts of the world such as Canada,
Mexico, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. As a transportation company that offers Port,
Dedicated, and International transportation services, ACT drivers travel to various destinations
that require guidance in order to ensure they get to their destinations on time and without delays.
While the use of GPS on mobile phones effectively guards the drivers in the transport path, the
use of GPS on mobile devices often distracts drivers from staying focused on the road. As a
result, the implementation of Virtual GPS navigator embedded on the trucks’ windshields to
form a virtual image will be effective in keeping the drivers focused on the road without the need
to constantly check their phones GPS. The virtual GPS navigator will offer the drivers
conveniences due to its ease of use since it’s embedded on the screen and at the same time keep
the drivers safe on the road. Thus, the introduction of this new idea is imperative for the
Measuring the success of the implementation of the virtual GPS is vital to the business. The
result of the evaluation will indicate whether or not the company should continue financing the
project and deduce an exit plan. As a result, the business needs to utilize success evaluation
measures such as Return on Investment, actions of competitors, drivers responses and reactions,
as well as Reviewing Sales Numbers to evaluate the product’s success. These performance
measures will provide useful insights on the success of the new navigators in meeting the
customer’s needs. Additionally, in order to examine the success of the new product, it is
important to introduce feedback loops. Effective feedbacks include customer metrics, surveys,
interviews, customer support, feedback forums, employee feedback, and Churn Surveys. The
feedback from these channels will help in making informed decisions on areas of the new product
that need to be improved.
Defining Features
GPS navigator in the car company is installed on the phone of the drivers. The
drivers are required to use the phone to access Google maps when they are driving, and
that creates a risk when driving. Using the phone when driving causes distractions and it
has been associated with accidents for a long time. However, GPS navigation has been
used in the organization for, and it has increased the rate at which the drivers can reach to
their destinations. The drivers do not get lost, and they do not have to consult with
strangers on the road concerning the direction they should take to reach a certain area
(Park, Lee, Yoon & Kim, 2016). The mission statement of the company is delivering
goods to the customers within the minimum time and ensuring that the merchandise is in
good shape. The GRP navigation has helped achieve this as the drivers are directed to the
destination without wasting time.
Ensuring the safety of the driver and the merchandise is the other feature in the
company. Through the GPA navigation, the drivers can travel without contacting
strangers which delays the journey and increases the chances of being attacked by
thieves. The journey is also smooth as the driver will be making a stop at the specified
points which means the merchandise will not be disturbed and increases the chances of
getting to the owner in good shape. Values such as honesty and integrity are maintained
as the drivers do not have time to stop on the way and interfere with the merchandise as
they have to keep time as indicated by the company. The non-negotiable for the product
to carry the name of the company is licensing to use the product and paying for its services.
New Idea
The GPS navigation on the phone has proven to be dangerous for the drivers as it
increases the chances of causing accidents. The new idea is about the location of the GPS
navigator which will be moved from the phone to the windshield of the vehicle. The driver will
be getting a virtual image on the windshield which is convenient and safer. The driver will not be
looked to shift their attention from the road, as they will be looking ahead while same time
reading the windshield results. Since the driver will not be distracted, the chances of causing
accidents will have been reduced. The virtual image will also be showing the driver on where
they are located on the road, the journey ahead as well as the length of time required to get to the
The new GPS on the windshield of the car will be an existing brand, but it will be
improved. The car company already had the GPS navigator, but the app was on the phone of the
drivers. However, to make the service easily assessable and safer, it will be embedded on the
vehicle windshield. Marketing the improved product will be easier since the company drivers
and the consumers are already aware of the existence of the GPS navigator (Sánchez, Melendi,
Pozueco, Pañeda, & García, 2017). The clients are aware of how it has helped reduce time
wastage during the delivery process, increased safety as theft cases have been reduced but
increased the rates of accidents due to driver disruption. The added advantages of the windshield
GPS will be discussed during the marketing process. The customers will be shown the benefit of
the windshield GPS over the existing phone GPS navigator. That will convince them to try the
new product.
The effectiveness of the Branding Efforts
The ACT has been involved in several efforts to brand their GPS navigator.
Content creation was the initial effort, where the car company came up with its app on
GPS location. The app would be installed in smartphones, and it would guide drivers
when delivering the company goods. Promotion was the next effort, where the GPS was
introduced in the market and advertising in the newspaper, television and internet
platforms were done, encouraging car users to try the app. The different from the
competitors was indicated as a way of showing how the GPS navigator was unique and
should be the choice of every driver (Agostini, Filippini, & Nosella, 2015). The car
company conducted copywriting regularly, where they communicated clearly and
effectively to the potential customers on the importance of having the GPS navigator on
their phones and emotions were evoked as a way of appealing to the customers.
Improving the product was the last effort, where the GPS navigation was
transferred from the phone to the vehicle windshield. In that way, the issue of taking time
to unlock the phone to access the navigator or lack of a smartphone which has the app is
addressed. In addition, the problem of road accidents is reduced. The improved GPS
navigator does not require the driver to shift their attention. They concentrate on the
wheel and the road and same time the windscreen is showing the direction that should be
taken, which promotes road safety.
Target Market
The ACT truck transport system which uses trucks for long distance shipping of
goods is the target market for the GPS navigator on the windshield. The truck drivers are
required to carry products for long distances such as the airports or from the harbor to the
destination. In most cases, the drivers are not aware of the exact place or location they are
expected to take the products. They have to keep on stopping on the way and consulting
strangers on where the area is. However, if the truck companies were to have GPS installed on
the vehicles, the number of times the drivers interact with strangers will be reduced. The
decision-making authority will affect the purchasing as the leaders in the truck companies have
to establish the advantage of the product and how it will benefit the business by reducing road
accidents and theft (Lin, 2015). The purchasing power will determine if a truck company is
willing to invest the indicated amount of money on the GPS navigator.
Some psychographic attributes may also affect purchasing power. Lifestyle, for instance,
will make some truck company purchase the windshield navigator as it is associated with a rich,
sophisticated and lifestyle of a learned driver. Attitudes and interests will also affect, where some
individuals may consider the GPS locator on the screen as being excess or allowing technology
to influence the life of a person excessively. Therefore, the old generation may not have
interesting in purchasing the product, while younger drivers may be fascinated by the windshield
GPS locator.
Meeting the Need of the Target Market
The new GPS locator will have several characteristics which the target market will find
appealing. The maps will be offline which means the drivers will not be required to purchase
cellular data for the connection purposes. Acquiring the mobile data would be an added cost the
users of the GPS would be required to incur. GPS can be operated in two ways. There is the
voice-by-voice guide, where the driver will ask questions such as where they should turn or the
road to use, and the GPS will also respond using a voice (Jose, Lee, & Billinghurst, 2016). The
driver can prefer a map, directing where they should turn and it also displays the road showing
the kilometers required to reach the destination. The cities and landscapes are shown in 3
D dimension, which makes it easier for the user to establish where they are without
getting confused.
The GPS voice guide uses more than forty languages which mean that despite the
background of the driver, they can use the product. In addition, if the driver does not
understand English, they can switch to a language they understand better. The GPS is
able to display the speed limit and even get an audio warning. It is essential as one will
get a warning when they have reached the speed limit, and it will help avoid issues with
the traffic police officers. The locator has an SOS indicating where the driver can get
assistance nearest if need be, such as a hospital or a police station. Route editing is
possible when using the GPS locator, for instance, if the destination has been changed,
the driver can change the map to give the new location indicated.
Best Strategy Choice
The truck transport business is the best choice for the success of the product. In
most cases, the drivers are middle-aged men who have an average level of education.
Such individuals require guidance on everything such as where they should turn,
especially when they are entirely unaware of where they are transporting the
merchandise. The voice guide characteristics will be the best for the drivers, where they
will be told the road lane they should use, where they should turn right or left, or warning
when they have exceeded the speed limit. In addition, the drivers will be able to choose
the language they are most conversant with, considering that the windshield navigator has
about forty languages. The drivers will be able to use the product to carry out their work
effectively according to the company laws.
The truck transport business makes profits depending on the number of trips they make,
without destroying the good they are carrying. However, there are lots of dangers faced during
transport. The drivers may be disrupted in the process, and they end up committing accidents.
The loss will be to the company due to the delay of transporting the good, paying for any
merchandise that was destroyed and paying the insurance company (Stinchcombe, Gagnon,
Kateb, Curtis, Porter, Polgar, & Bedard, 2017). Cases of theft have also been witnessed, where
the drivers interact with strangers asking on the direction to the destination. The number of times
the drivers stops on the way to ask for guidance is also a loss to the company. All these factors
require the truck transport business to install the new GPS navigator on their vehicles. In that
way, the drivers are guided throughout the trip, will reach on time to the destination and deliver
the goods without being interfered with, which is an advantage to the company.
Fixed and Variable Costs
The installation fee is fixed, and it is 250 dollars. The prices of the services required vary
from 250 dollars to over 1000 dollars depending on the system the customer needs which means
they are variable. The cost will fit in the long-term and short-term objectives of the company
because it is cost-friendly which means that it is affordable. In addition, it will promote safety,
and the company is aware that the merchandise will not get lost on the way or drivers make
accidents due to distraction as they will be concentrating on the screen. The entire
implementation cost is as follow:
Cost ($)
Labor (fixed)
Dash board and system (variable)
Cost in Target Market
The target market is willing and able to pay for a range of about 650 dollars to
1000 dollars. The car company will still be able to make the installations considering that
the fixed cost is only for the labor. The other requirements such as the dashboard and
offline internet connection vary depending on the needs of the customers. There are
cheaper dash dashboards which are determined by the size and the internet connection
also ranges in price depending on how fast the customer wants it to run. Therefore,
despite the budge of the customer, as long as it is from 650 dollars, then the company will
make the installation. Some competitors are able to offer the implementation with about
640 dollars, and others go as high as 1200 dollars, thus making the market
Target Customers Willingness
The truck transport business is willing and able to pay for the windshield GPS
navigator. The company has already tried the phone navigator, and they have established
the disadvantages of the system. The new product will be presenting the company with
superior characteristics; those which will help improve their operations. The company
will even be able to any drivers from different language backgrounds and without the
knowledge of all locations around the country as they will be guided by the navigators, as
long as the drivers are qualified and competent at their work. The issue of lack of enough
drivers due to lack of location knowledge will this be addressed. The cost of the new GPS
will depend on the economy, which means it will be a bit higher than what the company
was previously paying. Therefore, it will be affordable, and the advantages will make the
company want to purchase the navigator.
Pricing Strategy
Economy pricing will be the best pricing strategy that should be used in the business. The
GPS already exists in the market only that the customers have to upgrade it (Nagle & Müller,
2017). To encourage the potential consumer to shift the old phone GPS locator to the new GPS
windshield navigator, low prices will be assigned to the product, and it will be based on the
production cost. When the production cost is high, the rates will be adjusted to higher and then
the cost lower, the production cost will be lowed. Since the price of the product will be
affordable, it will be a way of encouraging the potential customer or try the windshield GPS
The Virtual GPS navigator will make sure that the AAA Cooper Transportation is
empowered with knowledge on what the truck drivers are doing and where they are. It will
reduce the cases of cheating or drivers using work time for their work. It will ensure that
operations are being conducted smoothly. The features of the virtual GPS are an added
advantage, which means the truck driver can hire without considering the language barrier or
age. The drivers will be using the voice guide to help during the journey and forty different
languages (Park, Lee, Yoon & Kim, 2016). The reputation of the AAA Cooper Transportation is
an advantage which means it will help sell their product. AAA Cooper Transportation has been
working for a long time, and the virtual GPS is an improvement of their earlier product, the
phone GPS. Therefore, existing customers will be eager to upgrade the previous product and
potential ones will be attracted.
AAA Cooper Transportation is recognized because if the strong business
background which allows the business to secure the information of the customers and
their operations. The customers’ data is kept secure, and despite the security breach, the
company is protected. Since the technological background is strong, it is also easy for
AAA Cooper Transportation to implement technical solutions they may be facing thus
ensuring that their operations run smoothly. AAA Cooper Transportation also has a
proven track record as well as a passion for defining, documenting, building and
implementing business operations by the use of IT solutions. When there are new
improvements in technology, the company is fast to test each operation for the benefit of
the business. To ensure on-time delivery on the IT improvements, AAA Cooper
Transportation ensures that project planning is done earlier and estimating the resources
available and budget requirements before implementing any operations (Poli, &
Scheraga, 2001). These factors place AAA Cooper Transportation at a competitive
advantage over other truck transport companies.
The availability of knowledge on what the employees are doing may discourage
some staff members even leading to quitting. In a company, workers want to feel that
they are appreciated and given space to work with minimum supervision. However,
working under control, with every movement being monitored by the GPS will
discourage the employees, and the company may experience high turnover. Employee
works best under minimum pressure and being shown that they can be trusted for the
business. If customers were to give negative feedback, it would affect the reputation of
the business. AAA Cooper Transportation has to make sure that the business is maintaining the
quality of their product to keep their status.
AAA Cooper Transportation has been facing an issue in the rise of fuel in the recent. The
prices of fuels have been going up due to the changes in the economy. It creates an extra cost of
the company as the daily deliveries have to go on as planned. The company has been associated
with losing cargo, it has been paid for. It is an added cost as compensation has to be done, and
the company deals with the transport of expensive merchandise. Even though the driver is
expected to pay, the cost is too high, and the company also has to contribute on the payment. The
number of trucks is less compared to the work scale in the company. It thus affects the delivery
as some of the clients have to wait for a longer time before they can get their merchandise. It
risks losing some potential long-term customers, especially when they cannot wait for long for
their products. The company has been associated with the goods being destroyed in the process
of transport and since they are responsible for the goods, the company is forced to pay, thus
indicating that they are operating at a loss.
Lack of technical knowledge may be a threat for the aged drivers. Despite having a voice
GPS, if a person is not aware of the instruction to give, it will be misleading. A person has to
offer the exact directions so that the GPS can lead them. The aged drivers may not be aware of
how to do that, and it may result in some issues as they may get lost during the process. Some of
the unique features of the GPS may result in a problem such as the ability to change the location.
A driver with an interior motion may change the direction of the delivery which will delay the
goods …
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