Market for Human Organs – Donation Article Summary Attached you can find the rough draft and outline of my Summary and critiques essay of the article “Why

Market for Human Organs – Donation Article Summary Attached you can find the rough draft and outline of my Summary and critiques essay of the article “Why do we need market for human organs” Please complete the assignment by doing the final draft, relate to two more sources other than the one that i already have. Instructor noted that my rough draft is more like an argumentative essay and needs to be revised for the final draft into critique form.

2500-3000 words

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Market for Human Organs – Donation Article Summary Attached you can find the rough draft and outline of my Summary and critiques essay of the article “Why
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** Attached you can find an example version of a summary and critique essay, please carefully read that and follow the way that it’s been done.

Follow the instructor’s direction for the essay:

You need at least one paragraph discussing & critiquing on the author’s rhetoric (his or her presentation in the article and success, or lack thereof, in achieving the purpose –

The summary should be a brief relaying of the main points of the article (make sure to cite it and have enough attributive tags using present tense verbs, i.e., “the author claims,” “the author argues,” etc.), and your thesis should clearly state your agreement or disagreement or a combination of what you agree and disagree with in terms of the ideas the author presented in his or her article.

(Try to mostly disagree with the author as i did that in then rough draft)

The summary and all quotations and paraphrases must be documented with in-text and on your Works Cited page. Only MLA format is allowed.

Guidelines for Writing Critiques:

• Introduce. Introduce both the passage under analysis and the author. State the author’s main argument and the point(s) you intend to make about it.

Provide background material to help your readers understand the relevance or appeal of the passage. This background material might include one or more of the following: an explanation of why the subject is of current interest, a reference to a possible controversy surrounding the subject of the passage or the passage itself, biographical information about the author, an account of the circumstances under which the passage was written, and a reference to the intended audience of the passage.

• Summarize. Summarize the author’s main points. Make sure to state the author’s purpose for writing.

• Assess the presentation. Evaluate the validity of the author’s presentation, distinct from your points of agreement or disagreement. Comment on the author’s success in achieving his or her purpose by reviewing three or four specific points. You might base your review on one or more of the following criteria:

• Is the information accurate?

• Is the information significant?

• Has the author defined terms clearly?

• Has the author used and interpreted information fairly?

• Has the author argued logically?

• Respond to the presentation. Now it is your turn to respond to the author’s views. With which views do you agree? With which do you disagree? Discuss your reasons for agreement and disagreement; when possible, tie these reasons to assumptions—both the author’s and your own. Where necessary, draw on outside sources to support your ideas.

• Conclude. State your conclusions about the overall validity of the piece—your assessment of the author’s success at achieving his or her aims and your reactions to the author’s views. Remind the reader of the weaknesses and strengths of the passage.

More Detail:

To begin, you will first need to summarize the entire article (remember to cite it!).
Next, craft a thesis that states the extent to which you agree or disagree with the author and that states your overall evaluation of the article.
Organize and develop the body of your evaluation around specific points:
State the point of evaluation as a clear topic sentence.
Cite specific examples in the selection that illustrate this observation.
Discuss these examples in two or three follow-on sentences in one paragraph or at greater length in two or more paragraphs.
In preparing to write, consider the following questions. Your responses may help you to formulate elements of your critique:
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the points in the article?
What underlying assumptions has the author built his or her claims on? And are those assumptions valid?
What is the purpose of the article: to persuade, to inform, to entertain?
How well does the author succeed in his or her purpose?
What is the tone of the article and does it serve the author’s purpose well?
What assumptions does the author make about the readers, their belief system, their values, their knowledge of the topic?
Can you detect any bias in the author?
What issues are ignored?
Assess the quality of the author’s evidence.
Does the author establish strong ethos, and if so, how?
How does the author exhibit and pathos and logos, and is this done well?

In writing this critique, develop both an introduction and a conclusion as well as the main body of the critique

The summary and all quotations and paraphrases must be documented with in-text and on your Works Cited page. Only MLA format is allowed.

“Why We Need a Market for Human Organs” by Sally Satel Nima Razavi
Professor Baxter
Discursive Writing
Why do we need a market for human organs?
Summary and Critique Essay rough draft
After dealing with the issues of the black market of human organs that is going on all around
the globe, some physicians and ordinary people have thought of legal human organ market as a
practical solution.
Almost everybody experiences the down times in their lives that they are short on cash and
think about any legal alternative way to make money. That way might be selling something that
they own because they can use the money for a better use. Having a legal market for human
organs, will open the option for anyone to be able to make money with the chance of harming
their body. Having a legal market of human organs should not be considered as a valid option,
as the issue of the black market and underground sales would be kept at bay, it will cause a
huge disadvantage for poor who need organs and don’t have enough money, and making this
act legal would not make it ethical and it’s completely against humans’ dignity.
Organ transplant is just as complicated as it sounds in every way. In the article “Why do
we need market for human organs” the author Sally Satel explains different reasons in support
of why we need to have a legal market for human organs. The main point of her discussion is
that within the black-market activities for human organs that is going on at the moment in all
around the world, we have no choice other than having a legal market available for human
organs which would at least make the procedure medically safer, and more controllable. The
author specially relies on her stats from the world health organization that estimates up to 10%
of the transplants are taking place in countries like China, Columbia, Egypt, Pakistan, and
Philippines, which explains that organ transplants take places more often in countries with
more poverty.
Dr. Salin notes that selling human organs would result in the motivation of the donor.
When the donor is paid or compensated for the service offered, they feel motivated. People are
greedy and thus tend to become more motivated if they know they will get something
beneficial out of it. She uses a case of Australia whereby people would feel free to donate
organs when they are paid $ 50,000. The author also tries to support her view by mentioning
that how thousands of patients every day all around the globe are dying due to kidney shortage
in the market, but she does not have any reliable stats to prove that. In the end she overviews
her article by explaining how legalizing the market will make the process safer both medical
wise and liability wise.
In the article “Buying and Selling Organs Would Create an Economic Class War” the author
Katherine Bramstedt states that: “Payments for organs equates to price tags for them, and who
gets to put a price on life? Sellers put a price on life when they set the “sell” price for their
kidney. Patients put a price on life when they set the “buy” price for the kidney they purchase.“
Imagine a world that not only money would differ the poor from wealthy people, but human’s
health status would separate their social status. In fact, being born in a family with higher social
standing will tend humans to have a better luck of not losing their organs which are meant to
maintain their living. In the other hand being born in a poor family will cause them to maybe
sell their organs to maintain their finances in order to survive and pay for their living.
Dr Satel mentions that legalizing sale of human organs would keep desperate patients
off the black market and it is hardly advised (Satel,1). However, having a legal human organ
market, as much as it may result in decreased black market deals, it may not keep patients off
the black market. In the article “Buying and Selling Organs would create an Economic Class
War” author states that “Even a regulated system of organ sales will not prevent the inevitable
back-door organ auction. And as with any auction, at some point, emotion takes over and truly
informed decision-making is impaired (for sellers and buyers).” (Bramstedt, 1). Matter of fact
human organs market will increase the number of patients preferring black market deals
because it would potentially be cheaper. Satel suggests that the government should allow
selling of organs at the cost of approximately $50,000 (Satel,1) This is too costly for others and
may result in discrimination or even people opting for cheaper alternatives like the black
market, therefore, not even that it won’t stop the black-market activities, black-market now
will be a bolder alternative compare to ever.
Satel states that legalizing sale of organs would result in fewer deaths related to organ
failures (Satel, 1) However, it would be the other way around. Most people would feel obliged
to donate organs resulting in a surplus. Who would not be tickled to make a huge amount of
money without working for it? Younger people who might not even be extremely in need of the
money will choose organ selling as a new way for making money, and it can result in less people
trying to get education, and better jobs. Also, those who are deemed unfit to sell their organs
may forcefully and deceitfully ensure that they sell their organs for enriching themselves. If this
happens, cases of defective transplants and failures will be on the rise resulting in deaths, in
both sides, sellers & Buyers. Another cause of alarm that will ensure that there is an increased
number of deaths will be the increased number of patients seeking organs in the black market.
This may result in people purchasing faulty organs, which may, in turn, result in deaths.
I do not refute the fact that increasing the supply of kidneys would result in the
elimination of the black market. Without ensuring proper pricing measures that are
comfortable to all, the black market will remain. Even compensating the donors would not stop
others from running an underground organ business. It will also make the act of donation
meaningless as it will have a legal price tag and then people tend to seek the money that they
are able to earn from their transplant compare to waiving it and calling it a donation.
Life can be known as the only priceless belonging that every living creature owns. It’s
the priority in every aspect to try everyday to maintain this living by staying healthy. We can see
even through animals and other creatures that survival is the main priority and living is their
only point in life. Having a human organ market is a true disrespect to humanity and living, as it
prioritizes money over healthy living which its connected to appreciating life and being.
“Patients consequently survive not due to the altruism of their fellow man — the long-time
premise of organ donation — but because of their personal wealth. At the same time, a cohort
of humanity is wiped out because they can’t afford the price of life.” (Bramstedt, 1).
Legalization of human organ market can also be known as putting a price tag on human’s life
and it’s neither ethical nor moral, therefore, it’s against human’s life and dignity.
In conclusion, I do not believe that Doctor Salin points on the legalization of human
organs are feasible. The governments should, therefore, ensure that they come up with viable
options on the issue of organ transplant instead legalizing the sale of body organs. They can
support organ donation by promoting the act more in media every day and remind people that
how donation is an act in support of human sympathy, and human’s life. Government can also
help people by speeding up the process of registering donors and patients. Therefore, having a
market for human organs absolutely cannot be an option, and as much as some points noted by
Dr. Salin are valid, they do not surpass the consequences of legalizing the same.
Work cited
Satel, Sally. “Why We Need A Market For Human Organs.” WSJ, 2019,
Bramstedt, Katrina A. “Buying and Selling Organs Would Create an Economic Class War.” The
New York Times, The New York Times, 21 Aug. 2014,

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