Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado Research Paper I have finished the following paper. But my professor thinks that when you talk about drug policy you

Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado Research Paper I have finished the following paper. But my professor thinks that when you talk about drug policy you need to target a specific drug(Better be Colorado) and a specific state(better be in Washington DC). I need to point out one good thing about this drug, but I need to rebut it with three bad things. The following documents are one for my article and one for the professor’s advice. BANNING OF DRUG ABUSE
Drug abuse has taken a very devious course recently in the United States of America.
According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), drug abuse in the US starts as
early as the 8th-grade level. Most of the families across the US are demanding the adjustment
of the current drug policies that have seen the legalization of cannabis for the recreational
purpose (Blanchard & Rojas, 2018). They want tight law policies heightened on drugs to end
the war on drug abuse and most importantly secure the future of their children. According to
the statistics done over the years by NIDA in 2003, children were being involved in drugs as
peddlers who are against the law. With the rise of drug abuse in the 21st century, there is a
need for change on the current drug policies. These policies have made the war on drugs lag,
but it will be better to have new ones incorporated. Conferring to the New York Times
Publication 2017 November release, it gives an illustration of what research scientists have
come up with (Ammerman, Ryan, Adelman, & Committee on Substance Abuse. 2015). It
shows how drug abuse is sinking our life expectancy which will eventually lead to low
production of the nation hence lowering the economy soon. These are some of the effects of
drug abuse on the nation.
Sequential Banning of Drug Abuse as the New Drug Policy
The current drug policy on the legalization of bhang hasn’t done any good because
bhang is the most abused drug in the US. It is the reason behind the country experiencing
problems such as health complications, violence, addiction, among others. Legalization of
mild drug substances like marijuana, for instance, has made the war on drug abuse to be less
effective. These US drug policies integrate federal laws that regulate supply, trade, and use of
illicit drug stuff (Crowley, Jones, Coffman, Greenberg, 2014). These are the reasons behind
my thinking that the drug policies need to do better than whatever they have done through
banning. According to my research, so far so good they have done shoddy work. The US
Federal drug policies through the Anti-Drug Policy Act which states that mild drug
possession or use of these drugs has lighter punishments than the use or possession of other
hard drugs such as heroin. I think it is important to stipulate strict laws which are setting
heavy penalties regarding drug abuse and should be the same to create a clean society free
from violence and addiction.
As much as there have been changes on the current drug policies, on the creation of
awareness and treatment to the addicts, there is a lot to be done because problems incurred
through drug abuse will continue to emerge with the legalization of mild drugs. I suppose the
work of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) hasn’t done its job yet which is
to reduce drug use and its significances by leading and organizing the development,
implementation, and assessment of U.S. drug policy. It could help well if its job wasn’t to
reduce but to STOP. There is no passive or impassive drug addict as many of research books
put it. Once you are an addict, you only need help which comes from preventing by banning
these drugs. This will in return help curb drug abuse. Through this proposed policy it can be a
success in such time of despair to end the war on drugs.
Prevention is the mother of all of the cures, so if these drugs are completely banned
even in medicinal purposes because we have lots of options when it comes to this, then this
will be the start of securing our generation and the society. When you think about the real
effects of drug abuse, which is death, then there is that need for the government to ban drugs
in each and every state — for example, using the statistics done by Gateway Foundation US.
Death related to artificial opioids and heroin has seen the severest rise. In the past year, about
212,000 people aged 12 or older have used heroin for the first time. Every single day, more
than 90 Americans die after overdosing on opioids which is a drug abuse (Shi, 2017).
Banning drugs will not only help the nation but save humanity. The following are the
strengths and weaknesses of the current drug policies of the US especially on the legalization
of mild drug substances.
Strengths of the Current US Drug Policies
Legalization of mild drug use has boosted the economy of the country as citizens are
trading in and out for their recreational use. This makes the drug policy a boost for the
The current drug policies have encouraged the society to be intact as treatment programs
for addicts have been put in place. This initiation helps one obtain clean records without
drug abuse which has helped the citizens.
It has also helped in transforming the health department as mental health has been put in
top consideration which is an achievement. It also focuses on drug addicts in helping
them recover.
It has helped in reducing stigmatization to the addicts as they are free to practice it freely
and more so not overlooked.
It has helped in creating a society that is free and open thus changing it. This brings more
transparency and encouragement from the non-addicts to addicts, which might lead to a
chance of transforming.
Weaknesses of Current US Drug Policy
The current drug policies have created a society, where children are growing up get to
spoil at a younger age because they grow in a society where drug abuse is permitted
which leads them to be addicts at a younger age as they lack role models.
With the research I have done, the current drug policy on legalization on mild drug abuse
has made it possible for drug lords to take advantage of this and release heavy drugs to
the people. It has made the war on drugs wind in circles.
The policy of treating the drug addicts was put in place, but the cost of this might not be
met as the general population is rising
The current drug policy has encouraged experimentation which in the near future might
lead to the discovery of even worse heavy drugs.
The strengths and weaknesses of the drug policies have focused much on the
legalization of mild drugs and the treatment of addicts. It has its advantages, but it has lots of
faults which needs to be changed instantly. We cannot save our young ones by changing the
learning programming with a course of life skills training when we can’t provide laws and
enforce them to bring moral uprightness in the nation. About the current drug policies on the
legalization of mild drugs, banning of drug abuse and setting up strict laws is a proposal that I
would recommend out which has morals and respect (Hakata, 2016). Most of the religions
across the US and around the globe, take the human body as the temple. Thus, destroying it
through drug abuse isn’t wise, which sounds right. Traditionally drug abuse has gone against
culture when it comes to other states that embrace their tradition and believe in it. When
traditional laws or religious law which don’t support drug abuse are set up, it safeguards the
society from immoral practices like drug abuse and addiction.
When a caring parent whom I believe are the straight leaders perceives about
safeguarding the health and future of their children against violent practices like drug
trafficking and drug-related crimes, they tend to be positive about it. This shows that this
proposal is strong enough to be supported in and enforced. It demonstrates that it’s on the
right track as the majority of the parents are calling on change of these policies as I had stated
earlier. I consider that having a country that protects the health of its citizens, by all means, is
much stronger than anything as it becomes more productive.
Countries such as Saudi Arabia believe in their tribal/traditional laws and beliefs. This
has helped shape up their personality towards actions like drug abuse (Crowley, Jones,
Coffman, Greenberg, 2014). They have even designed their governing drug policies into
strict laws that can’t be broken, and if broken it costs one’s life. Having such drug policies
can make a society transform fully and a country fully productive. It is not a must we live a
recreational life of drug abuse, while we can live a recreational life without drugs even better.
I purpose that it is wrong and I think it should be put to an end. The following are the
advantages and disadvantages of my proposed drug policy of sub-sequentially banning drug
abuse fully.
Advantages of Banning Drug Abuse as A New Drug Policy
It produces a great society free from drugs and straight citizens. This automatically leads
to a more productive nation because people are always sober and focused
It saves the future who are the children, as they can never engage in drug abuse because
of growing in a conservative society. Protecting children from being involved in drug
abuse is the ending of addiction and drug abuse. This is the main advantage because when
children start young knowing the rightful practices, it becomes the best prevention
method and ending of drug addiction.
These drug policies transform and protect the healthiness part of citizens which increases
the life expectancy of a country making it productive.
Once embraced it will bring peace in the country as about 60% of violence around the
globe is influenced by drug abuse. This is a plus to the country as it will lead to an
economy that is stable for a long period.
Disadvantages of Banning as a New Drug Policy
It eventually denies recreational freedom to people who might think it’s a Right being
denied and they might not be happy.
The drug policy punishment might be too harsh to humanity as it costs one life. This
might bring wrangles or a percentage of the people not take it well.
The implementation might be costly as it will need the abolishment of several laws that
might trigger the economy.
Implementation of this proposal is the most challenging part, but it will need a
transparent and simpler analysis on the importance of banning drug substances entirely and
present it to the citizens, NGOs, and Media strategically. The effects of drug abuse and real
cases will also be highlighted fully to be able to convince them to back the proposal. Once I
get the highest positive percentages on it, then I present it to the law courts with substantial
reports to appeal on the ban on drug abuse. Based on the findings of the drug abuse report on
the support of the proposed policies and its importance, I suppose the court will be able to
merit it. This will be the most important part as it will enhance the implementation of the
proposed policies.
Ammerman, S., Ryan, S., Adelman, W. P., & Committee on Substance Abuse. (2015). The
impact of marijuana policies on youth: clinical, research, and legal update. Pediatrics,
135(3), e769-e785.
Blanchard, J., & Rojas, F. A. (2018). Substance Abuse Policies on College Campuses: Is
Practice in Line with the Law? Controversies on Campus: Debating the Issues
Confronting American Universities in the 21st Century, 282.
Crowley, D.M.; Jones, D.E.; Coffman, D.L.; Greenberg, M.T. (2014) Can we build an
Efficient response to the prescription drug misuse epidemic? Assessing the cost
The effectiveness of universal prevention in the proper trial (62:71-77,)
Hakata, T. L. (2016). The prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse by secondary rural school
children in Matobo. It impacts on teaching and learning (Doctoral dissertation, BUSE).
Shi, Y. (2017). Medical marijuana policies and hospitalizations related to marijuana and
opioid pain reliever. Drug and alcohol dependence, 173, 144-150.
The New York Times 2017 Publication Release. Retrieved from
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