BP and the Deepwater Horizon Well Spill Disaster of 2010 Case Analysis This Assignment had a very, very specific structure. Identify 2-4 issues. Come up wi

BP and the Deepwater Horizon Well Spill Disaster of 2010 Case Analysis This Assignment had a very, very specific structure. Identify 2-4 issues. Come up with solutions for those issues and summarize them briefly. Provide a table with Pros and Cons for each, and wrap it all up with an overall (but brief) recommendation – what could have been done to help prevent this disaster from a PM perspective. DID YOU FOLLOW THIS STRUCTURE?
Did you follow the advice given in the lectures and From Your Instructor about the format?
Did you follow rules of English grammar, spelling, and syntax? Did you fix errors pointed out via Word’s editing capabilities (e.g. squiggly blue or red underlined text)?

Is it clear from reading your assignment that you read the case and understood what happened that led up to the Deepwater Horizon explosion?
Did you ‘dig deeper’? Some people identify very technical issues – did you find the underlying reasoning that may have driven decisions to go a certain way technically?
Did you keep your writing concise and to the point? Part of the intent of this assignment is an exercise in expressing important ideas in as efficient a way as possible.
Was there a logical flow from your Issue Identification to your Proposed Solutions, to your Pros and Cons and to your conclusion?
If you did have ‘extra’ information to exhibit, did you put it in an Appendix rather than in the body of the text? Again, the focus is on a concise, crisp presentation of your arguments.

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BP and the Deepwater Horizon Well Spill Disaster of 2010 Case Analysis This Assignment had a very, very specific structure. Identify 2-4 issues. Come up wi
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Did you provide several relevant references that helped make your points? Of course you can use the main MIT/Sloan case as a reference, but did you reach out and find out more about the Deepwater Horizon from other sources? INB 420
Global Strategy Project
Global Entrepreneurship
The so-called Base of the Pyramid has excellent opportunities for long term wealth creation, in
particular, for those firms able to develop products that meet the needs of those societies. This project
will consist of two distinct components: 1. A study of BOP environments in various markets and, 2. The
creation of a venture plan/program/strategy/prototype to be introduced into a BOP market.
BOP Environmental Study:
Work Product:
As a class, we will develop an analysis of selected BOP markets, in particular, the markets for mass
marketed consumer technologies that solve issues of concern for a wide range of consumers, for
example, the availability of clean water, sanitation issues, etc…When you have completed your analysis,
you will submit a well- integrated, well –conceived, well-written document consisting of the following:
Executive summary:
A comprehensive summary of the prospects for market entry into the chosen market (no more than 400
Economic Analysis:
Prepare a 1000 word (maximum) summary of the major economic issues, influences and discussion
points, and in particular, the various economic opportunities and threats that are present in the selected
Country Analysis
Prepare a 1000 word (maximum) summary of the issues pertaining to doing business in the selected
market, and in particular, the opportunities and threats that are present in the selected market.
Market Analysis
Based on your analysis of the market, briefly summarize (1000-word maximum) the major problems and
opportunities requiring attention and solvable with the right type of product.
Proposed venture plan/program/strategy/prototype Strategy:
Finally, in no more than 2000 words, you will present your proposed entrepreneurial venture. Notably
this will describe your strategic approach to the market you have chosen. That is, how you will take
advantage of the opportunities to address a need shared widely through your market. This section
should include your proposed mode of market entry and your justification, your proposal for location of
key value chain activities, focus of decision-making, and key elements of marketing strategy (i.e.
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
competitor analysis, and segmenting-targeting- positioning strategy). Also include some measure of
market potential (i.e. potential sales volume, profitability etc.).
Your project will be presented on April _____, at the Student Research Symposium, the exact time and
date to be announced. The exact form (e.g. presentation or poster session) will also be determined.
You should use at least 20 substantive references to triangulate on your perspective and to support your
arguments. Above all, your paper should make an original and practical contribution to our class and
the topic you choose.
Country Economic Analysis
I. Introduction
II. Demographic Analysis
A. Total
1. Growth rates
2. Number of live births
3. Birthrates
B. Distribution of population
1. Age
2. Sex
3. Geographic areas (urban, suburban, and rural density and concentration)
4. Migration rates and patterns
5. Ethnic groups
III. Economic statistics and activity
A. Gross national product (GNP or GDP)
1. Total
2. Rate of growth (real GNP or GDP)
B. Personal income per capita
C. Average family income
D. Distribution of wealth
1. Income classes
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
2. Proportion of the population in each class
3. Is the distribution distorted?
E. Minerals and resources
F. Surface transportation
1. Modes
2. Availability
3. Usage rates
4. Ports
G. Communication systems
1. Types
2. Availability
3. Usage rates
H. Working conditions
1. Employer–employee relations
2. Employee participation
3. Salaries and benefits
I. Principal industries
1. What proportion of the GNP does each industry contribute?
2. Ratio of private to publicly owned industries
J. Foreign investment
1. Opportunities?
2. Which industries?
K. International trade statistics
1. Major exports
a. Dollar value
b. Trends
2. Major imports
a. Dollar value
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
b. Trends
3. Balance-of-payments situation
a. Surplus or defi cit?
b. Recent trends
4. Exchange rates
a. Single or multiple exchange rates?
b. Current rate of exchange
c. Trends
d. Hard currency reserves
L. Trade restrictions
1. Participation in Trade Associations
2. Quotas
3. Import taxes
4. Tariffs
5. Licensing
6. Customs duties
M. Extent of economic activity not included in cash income activities
1. Countertrades
a. Products generally offered for countertrading
b. Types of countertrades requested (barter, counterpurchase, etc.)
2. Foreign aid received
N. Labor force
1. Size
2. Unemployment rates
3. Productivity
4. Skill
O. Inflation rates
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
IV. Developments in science and technology
A. Current technology available (computers, machinery, tools, etc.)
B. Percentage of GNP invested in research and development
C. Technological skills of the labor force and general population
V. Channels of distribution (macro analysis)
A. Retailers
1. Number of retailers
2. Typical size of retail outlets
3. Customary markup for various classes of goods
4. Methods of operation (cash/credit)
5. Scale of operation (large/small)
6. Role of chain stores, department stores, and specialty shops
B. Wholesale middlemen
1. Number and size
2. Customary markup for various classes of goods
3. Method of operation (cash/credit)
C. Import/export agents
D. Warehousing
E. Penetration of urban and rural markets
VI. Media
A. Availability of media
B. Costs
1. Television
2. Radio
3. Print
4. Internet
5. Other media (cinema, outdoor, etc.)
C. Agency assistance
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
D. Coverage of various media
E. Percentage of population reached by each medium
VII. Executive summary
VIII. Sources of information
Country Analysis
I. Introduction
II. Brief discussion of the country’s relevant history
III. Geographical setting
A. Location
B. Climate
C. Topography
IV. Social institutions
A. Family
1. The nuclear family
2. The extended family
3. Dynamics of the family
a. Parental roles
b. Marriage and courtship
4. Female/male roles (changing or static?)
B. Education
1. The role of education in society
a. Primary education (quality, levels of development, etc.)
b. Secondary education (quality, levels of development, etc.)
c. Higher education (quality, levels of development, etc.)
2. Literacy rates
C. Political system
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
1. Political structure
2. Political parties
3. Stability of government
4. Special taxes
5. Role of local government
D. Legal system
1. Organization of the judiciary system
2. Code, common, socialist, or Islamic-law country?
3. Participation in patents, trademarks, and other conventions
E. Social organizations
1. Group behavior
2. Social classes
3. Clubs, other organizations
4. Race, ethnicity, and subcultures
F. Business customs and practices
V. Religion and aesthetics
A. Religion and other belief systems
1. Orthodox doctrines and structures
2. Relationship with the people
3. Which religions are prominent?
4. Membership of each religion
5. Any powerful or influential sects?
B. Aesthetics
1. Visual arts (fi ne arts, plastics, graphics, public art, colors, etc.)
2. Music
3. Drama, ballet, and other performing arts
4. Folklore and relevant symbols
VI. Living conditions
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
A. Diet and nutrition
1. Meat and vegetable consumption rates
2. Typical meals
3. Malnutrition rates
4. Foods available
B. Housing
1. Types of housing available
2. Do most people own or rent?
3. Do most people live in one-family dwellings or with other families?
C. Clothing
1. National dress
2. Types of clothing worn at work
D. Recreation, sports, and other leisure activities
1. Types available and in demand
2. Percentage of income spent on such activities
E. Social security
1. Social programs
2. Retirement and savings practices
F. Healthcare
VII. Language
A. Official language(s)
B. Spoken versus written language(s)
C. Dialects
VIII. Executive summary
IX. Sources of information
X. Appendixes
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
The market
A. Describe the market(s) in which the product is to be sold
1. Geographical region(s)
2. Forms of transportation and communication available in that (those)
3. Consumer buying habits
a. Product-use patterns
b. Product feature preferences
c. Shopping habits
4. Distribution of the product
a. Typical retail outlets
b. Product sales by other middlemen
5. Advertising and promotion
a. Advertising media usually used to reach your target market(s)
b. Sales promotions customarily used (sampling, coupons, etc.)
6. Pricing strategy
a. Customary markups
b. Types of discounts available
B. Compare and contrast your product and the competition’s product(s)
1. Competitors’ product(s)
a. Brand name
b. Features
c. Package
2. Competitors’ prices
3. Competitors’ promotion and advertising methods
4. Competitors’ distribution channels
C. Market size
INB 420
Global Strategy Project
1. Estimated industry sales for the planning year
2. Estimated sales for your company for the planning year
D. Government participation in the marketplace
1. Agencies that can help you
2. Regulations you must follow
IV. Executive summary
V. Sources of information
VI. Appendixes
Malaysia is a developing country in Southeast Asia with 31.8 million populations, the
country has a GDP of 314.5 billion dollars, and 11521.45 GDP per capita in 2017. However,
Malaysia only has 17.5% recycling rate in 2016. Research has shown that most of the paper
factories in Malaysia have a high demand for waste paper as a raw material, because of the
low recycling rate and large consumption of paper. Moreover, in 2013, the Malaysia
government prohibited the export of waste paper, because of the large demand. Therefore,
we decide to provide a service that helps satisfy the high demand of wasted paper by
collecting them from China and surrounding countries and trade to Malaysia.
Business Plan with Malaysia
Country Profile
Business Model
Our company is located in China, and we will satisfy M
used paper by collecting used paper from China and surroun
Malaysia’s paper factories, earning profit from it as well.
It helps improve recycling industry in China, the pape
deforestation in Malaysia.
Location: Southeast Asia
Population: 31.8 million (2019)
Races: Malays (50.1%), Chinese Malaysians (22.6%), and Indian
Malaysians (6.7%)
GDP: 314.5 billion (ranking 37th) (2017)
GDP Per Capita: $11521.45 (2017)
Recycling Rate: 17.5% (2016)
Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 4.07 MYR (2019)
Plan for Completion:
However, deforestation has become a current issue in Malaysia due to the forest industry.
Research shows that most of the paper factories in Malaysia have a high demand for waste
paper because they have low recovery compare to the other countries and large
consumption of the waste paper. Moreover, in 2013, the Malaysia government prohibited
the export of waste paper, because of the large demand.
Malaysia has a recycling rate at just 17.5 percent as a country. That’s around half of the
number that Americans recycle at (34 percent), and significantly lower than the rates of
some European countries (more than 60 percent). These recent incentives should help get
that number to a better mark.
Executive summary:
The paper industry in Malaysia has a high demand for recyclable waste paper material, and
our company decided take this opportunity to do business with Malaysia to help with this
issue, by collecting used paper from China and surrounding countries and trading to
Economic Analysis:
GDP/Growth/Malaysia was successful in diversifying its economy from dependence on
exports of raw materials to the development of manufacturing, services, and tourism. It
also has Low and stable inflation, well-functioning as well as regulated financial system.
Country Analysis:
(country risk/)
Malaysia only has 17.5 percent for its recycling rate in 2016, which is quite low compared
to other countries. Demographic/ stable political environment/Malaysia has Lowest
political risk in Asia, low oil, high debt level in the region, spending increasing faster than
GDP, In 2013, the Malaysia government prohibited the export of waste paper, because of
the large demand. So collect waste paper and trade to Malaysia is a profitable idea and can
help them with the waste paper demand issue.
Market Analysis: (what to include/what to exclude)
Malaysia’s Paper industry has a high demand for used paper, which is a great opportunity
for our company.
Proposed venture plan/program/strategy/prototype Strategy: (business model)
Our company will integrate the process of collecting used paper in China and trade to
Malaysia’s factories to earn profits by selling at a higher price.
PAPER (Project)
infographics/graphs / diagrams / prototype
o References
• Stats & Analysis
• • Map
• Proposed Venture
* Calculations payment / gov’t budget / costs

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