American And Western Products Marketing Pitch & Business Plan Please write a 3 minutes rocket pitch speech based on this Business plan. Business Plan Execu

American And Western Products Marketing Pitch & Business Plan Please write a 3 minutes rocket pitch speech based on this Business plan. Business Plan
Executive Summary
BuyonAsia is a cross-border e-commerce trading platform startup business that is
committed to being a market leader, providing online merchants and consumers with online
communication and trading opportunities. The company’s main consumer groups are international
students and Chinese in the United States and Canada. The online merchants are the sellers of
Asian goods, mainly from China, Korea, Japan, and Thailand. The company uses a secure payment
mode to ensure the security of the buyers and sellers’ funds. The buyer’s payment will be saved on
the platform account until the transaction is completed. The seller will also pay a deposit to
guarantee the seller’s reputation. The main products include Asian food, cosmetics, clothing, and
daily necessities.
The ultimate benefit of the business plan is to provide a convenient channel for
international students and Chinese in the United States and Canada to purchase Asian goods, as
well as to provide opportunities for Asian sellers to expand the US and Canadian markets. Due to
the lack of current competition, BuyonAsia has a first-mover advantage and is capable of becoming
a leader in new markets. As a result, BuyonAsia has great upside potential and is poised to grow
rapidly. To a certain extent, the company will expand its market target to Europe and Australia,
and join other countries and regions to truly realize the global e-commerce platform and bring
convenient online shopping channels to the world.
BuyonAsia is committed to positioning itself as an online trading platform. BuyonAsia will
not participate in the trading of buyers and sellers but will provide a platform for online
communication and trading between buyers and sellers. BuyonAsia also provides logistics and
warehousing services for sellers, as well as after-sales protection services. This means that the
seller only needs to provide the goods, and all the processes will be carried out on the platform. If
the buyer opens a dispute, the platform will pay for the seller who purchases the after-sales
protection service. Until the transaction is completed, the payment will be saved on the platform’s
account, and there will be any problems after the sale. The buyers can open the dispute to protect
their rights. The platform will make a fair judgment based on the evidence of the buyer and the
Industry Analysis
Industry Size, Growth Rate, and Sales Projections
The number of international students from East Asia, especially China, South Korea, Japan,
and Thailand, is growing year by year in the United States and Canada, but the living habits in the
Americas and Asia are very different. This has led to the high demand for Asian goods such as
food and cosmetics for Asian students studying in the United States and Canada. However, there
are few types of Asian products in the local area, and the price is high. Therefore, the cross-border
e-commerce APP platform has become more and more popular in recent years, and the industry
growth rate is also getting higher and higher. It can be predicted that cross-border e-commerce
industry sales are very profitable.
Industry Structure
Because it is mainly for consumers, the cross-border e-commerce APP platform mainly
adopts the Business-to-Customer model, mainly selling personal consumer goods. The logistics
mainly adopts air parcels, mailing, express delivery, and the main body of customs declaration is
the postal or express delivery company
Nature of Participants, Key Success Factors and Long-term Prospects
In the cross-border e-commerce platform, the nature of the participants is mainly sellers
and consumers, and the platform provides a platform for communication and trading between the
two. The key to the success of cross-border e-commerce is the need to protect the rights of sellers
and consumers. In the long run, as sellers in East and South-East Asia and consumer markets in
the US and Canada become more mature, we can expand the range of sellers and consumers.
Company Description
Company Description, Company History, and Current Status
BuyonAsia is a partnership company with five founders which is positioned to a crossborder e-commerce APP platform which provides Asian products (mainly including China, Korea,
Japan, and Thailand) for US and Canadian students. The company is currently looking for early
funding and strategic partnerships to implement the program, with initial plans to be launched in
October this year.
Mission Statement
BuyonAsia is committed to providing convenience for international students to buy their
favorite products at the most suitable price. The platform will provide a variety of resources and
guarantees. At the same time, the customer source is provided online for sellers who cannot find
Legal Status and Ownership
BuyonAsia is totally legal, and it has been registered successfully on the US business
community. The ownership of BuyonAsia is now owned by five founders of the company.
Market Analysis
Market Segmentation and Target Market Selection
The main market which the cross-border e-commerce APP platform faces is the business-
to-business market and the business-to-customer model. But the company is mainly for customers
who buy everyday consumer goods, so BuyonAsia is a business-to-customer platform. The target
market is mainly focus on Asian students in the United States and Canada because their preference
for Asian goods is much higher than that of other countries.
Buyer Behavior
For this group of buyers, the specific behaviors are as follows. First of all, because the
company mainly faces international student groups, which most has good family conditions. When
purchasing goods, they pay more attention to product quality and branding, compared to the price.
Secondly, because Asian and American living habits are very different, they prefer Asian food and
daily necessities, especially from China, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand. Finally, because the
age structure of the buyer group tends to be younger, they are more aware of legal rights, and they
are less tolerant of fakes, but they follow the fair platform rules.
The Economics of the Business
Revenue Drivers and Profit Margins
The growth of revenue scale of cross-border e-commerce website growth stage is mainly
driven by three factors: income = number of access IP x flow conversion rate x unit price, in which
the access flow and conversion rate jointly determine the number of effective purchases by
consumers, and multiply the customer unit price to obtain the overall revenue scale. In the early
stage of growth, the increase in flow quickly drives revenue growth. In the middle of the growth
phase, the increase in customer unit price drives overall growth. In the later stages of the growth
phase, the traffic conversion rate contributes to the growth momentum. When it reaches the
maturity stage, access flow becomes the dominant factor. The estimated profits margins for the
firm from the second year will be 8%, and in the future, the profit rate will increase by 4% a year
until 20%.
APP Research and development Costs
First, the initial preparations include domain name registration, trademark registration,
leasing, etc., which costs $1,500. The APP design includes a back-end system, a mall interface,
and a trading center, which costs about $5,000. The back office system includes system settings,
order management, and user lists. The mall interface includes product push, product screening and
event interface. The trading center includes a payment interface. The company decided to hand
over APP research and development to the outsourcing company at an outsourcing cost of $8,000.
The rest of the product’s official website, user agreement, user interface design and interaction, the
background management system is about $ 1,2000. The overall pre-APP development cost is
$98,500. After the official launch of the APP, APP post-maintenance and version updates will be
handed over to the outsourcing company. The post-maintenance cost is $5,000 a year, and the
update fee is $5,000 a year (Chizoba Morah 1).
Fixed and Variable Costs
Fixed costs include technical service and maintenance costs, management costs, hardware
facility costs, and back-end software costs. Variable costs include marketing costs, goods costs,
logistics costs, and operating costs.
Start-up Costs
The start-up costs are expected to include technical expenses of $200,000 which include
R&D cost, APP post-maintenance and APP update, operating expenses of $144,000 which include
insurance, depreciation, salaries, compensation and other team building expenses, general
expenses of $33,000 which include utilities, telephone, postage and payroll taxes, and other
expenses of 47,319 which include internet expenses (Artist and Svala 1-11).
Sales Forecast for a Start-up
Number of registered users
×Estimated payment users
= Number of platform users
Number of platform users
×Estimated per user transaction average amount
= Total transaction amount
Total transaction amount
×Estimated profit margin (commission rate)
= Estimated sales revenue
(Artist and Svala 1-11)
The Logic for Sales Forecast for a Start-up
For the number of registered users are basic on the international students from Asia. In 2018, the
number of international students from China, South Korean, Japan and Thailand in America is
around 440,000, and in Canada is around 160,000. Total will be 600,000. The registered users for
a online shopping platform will be 90%. So the number of registered users will be expected to be
500,000. And the estimated payment users for the first year is expected to be 20% of total
registered users, this proportion will be expected to increase from the second year. The estimated
per user transaction average amount is basic on the price of platform products’ price. Since Asian
products for daily use are not very expensive, we are expected to make every payment users to
make $100 transaction for the first year. The estimated profit margin will be the commission rate,
which means that each transaction on the platform, we will get 6% of the total payment.
Break-even Chart and Calculations
The overall cost in the first year is about 568,619 US dollars. The first year’s total
transaction amount is estimated at 10 million US dollars, based on a profit margin of 6%, the profit
is 600,000 US dollars, so the company is expected to earn $31,381 and reach the break-even point
at the end of the first year.
Marketing Plan
Overall Marketing Strategy
BuyonAsia’s marketing strategy is mainly to provide buyers with the most desirable
products with the best quality service. The platform will develop the best sellers, and each seller
will temporarily deduct a deposit on the platform. If the buyer buys a fake or any dispute caused
by the seller’s responsibility, the seller’s margin will be deducted to compensate the buyer. The
platform will also provide excellent logistics services for buyers to choose from. Also, when the
buyer purchases the product on the platform, the payment will be made to the platform account
firstly. If there is any problem, the platform will refund the buyer as protection.
The Product, Price, Promotions, and Distribution
Since the market group is mainly international students from Asia in America and Canada,
the product will be mainly food, cosmetics, clothes, and other daily necessities. The price will be
decided by the sellers on the platform because the platform focuses on providing opportunities for
buyers and sellers to communicate and trade. The platform will also publish a lot for promotions
when holidays to attract more customers. The distribution will be divided by the popular products
from different countries, for example, Chinese food is more attractive, so the platform will
cooperate with more Chinese suppliers who sell Chinese food.
Sales Process
The sales process will be like normal other cross-border e-commerce APP, buyers will find
what they want on the platform at first and then make the payment. Sellers will send out the product
to buyers’ address. After buyers receive the products and have no other problem, the trade will
finish. However, if there are any problems, buyers can open a dispute, and the platform will make
a fair judgment.
Sales Tactics
The main sales tactics of the platform will include the followings. The new user registration
will receive a coupon, and the registered user will also receive a coupon if they invited a new user
to register on the platform successfully. The coupon can receive the same amount of deduction
when purchasing the product on the platform. The platform will regularly invite excellent sellers
to share successful experiences with other sellers so that the quality of the platform sellers is even
better. Besides, the platform will also regularly launch offers with brand merchants, which will not
only expand the influence but also attract more customers.
Design and Development Plan
Development Status and Tasks
At present, the company’s main task is to attract more investors and high-end technology
R&D personnel to ensure capital supply and software optimization.
Challenges and Risks
The company’s main challenge now is to attract more customer groups to ensure that the
platform turnover can meet expectations. Potential risks include the difficulty of marketing and
the lack of high-end R&D personnel.
Projected Development Costs
Because the platform optimization has not yet reached expectations, it is expected that the
optimization and maintenance costs will reach 200,000 US dollars.
Proprietary Issues
The platform has applied the related proprietary for the APP. Moreover, for the sellers on
the platform, if they sell any brand products, the platform will need them to upload product selling
authorization certificate so that there will be no proprietary issues.
Operations Plan
General Approach to Operations
The general approach to operations include the followings. Firstly, the platform will
consolidate resources to aggregate a certain number of branded merchants, and then continue to
expand the scale of investment. Secondly, the platform will actively invite excellent businesses to
cooperate with the platform. Finally, the platform will regularly launch the theme investment
conference. When the platform strength is insufficient, the company will try to lower the threshold,
give more interest to the sellers. When the platform operates to a certain extent, gradually eliminate
some of the less suitable platforms, optimize the platform business composition and product
Business Location
Since BuyonAsia is an online commerce platform, so the location will be on the internet.
However, the company location will be in America and China so that the company can attract more
buyers and sellers in aiming markets.
Facilities and Equipment
For the facilities and equipment, Customer Relationship Management system is essential.
Moreover, for the office supplies, the company needs to purchase the office desks, office chairs,
computers, and printers.
Management Team and Company Structure
Management Team
The company’s management team currently consists of five founders, responsible for
technology, marketing, pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales. Although the management team’s
current experience is not yet abundant, they are currently learning management knowledge from a
professional management course. When the company develops, the management team will be
more optimized, making the company’s organizational structure healthier.
Company Structure
The company’s organizational structure mainly includes the following departments. The
marketing department is primarily responsible for marketing and promotion. The investment
department is mainly responsible for the seller’s entry into the platform service. The technical
department is responsible for platform optimization and maintenance. The pre-sales department is
primarily responsible for pre-sales issues. The in-sales department is primarily responsible for
problems during the transaction process. The after-sales department is primarily responsible for
the follow-up issues after the transaction.
Overall Schedule
Incorporating the Venture
The company expects to incorporate the venture in June of this year, which will facilitate
the official launch in October.
Completion of Prototypes
The completion of prototypes expects to be finished in July of this year after incorporating
the venture.
Rental of Facilities
For the rental of the company working place, it will be finished in May of this year so that
the subsequent plans can be successfully completed. Moreover, for the facilities of platform
operation server, estimated rental time will be in May as well.
Obtaining the First Sale
The first sale of the platform will be estimated to happen in October since the official
launch of the company in October.
Financial Projections
Sources and Uses of Funds Statement
The company’s investment funds are mainly from investment companies, which are mainly
used for development companies, including office space renting, hardware facility purchase, APP
back-end R&D and optimization, employee hiring, marketing and operation, and logistics and
warehouse expenses.
Pro Forma Income Statements
The income statements are basic on the reference of the research from E-commerce Startup Business Plan (Artist and Svala 1-11), which the estimated cost and profit are from.
Pro Forma Income Statements
1st year
2nd year
3rd year
Profit Margin
Technical Expenses
R&D Cost
APP PostMaintenance
APP Update
Operating Expenses
General Expenses
4th year
5th year
Payroll Taxes
Total General
Other Expenses
Bad Check
Total Other
(Artist and Svala 1-11)
Capital Expenses
Technical Expenses
R&D Cost
APP Post-Maintenance
APP Update
Total Technical Cost
Operating Expenses
Total Operating Expenses
General Expenses
Payroll Taxes
Total General Expenses
Other Expenses
Internet Expenses
Total Other Expenses
Total Expenses
Works Cited
Helga D. Svala and Nate H. Artist. “E-commerce Start-up Business Plan.” 1-11.
Chizoba Morah. “Business Startup Costs: It’s in the Details.” 1

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