Desire Discussion I need help answering rhetorical question in 1-2 paragraphs , You must include some quote from the attached PPT. Then, I need help respon

Desire Discussion I need help answering rhetorical question in 1-2 paragraphs , You must include some quote from the attached PPT. Then, I need help responding to a classmate post. WHAT ARE YOUR
Review of The desire map p. 1-59
LAS 338
Brief overview
• The Desire Map started as a New Year’s activity where Danielle LaPorte and her partner
would write out their goals for the coming year.
• It then turned into “How they wanted to feel in the various parts of their lives” (p.4)
• Began to remove external goal setting
• Allowed her and her partner to look inward and discuss how they wanted to feel
and what would it take to feel that way.
• She stated, “I officially gave up goal-setting systems, which eventually led to
quitting to do-lists, which led to giving up the time-management systems that were
totally stressing me out” (p. 5).
Brief overview
• The ‘guiding premise’ on this book is what LaPorte (2014) theorizes as the strategy of
desire. She wants the readers to “Get clear on how we actually want to feel within
ourselves, and then designed our to-do-lists, set our goals, and wrote out our bucket
lists” (p. 7).
• She outlines the following as the purpose of the Desire Map:
• Ultimately, to help you remember your light, your true nature, your source-the life
source that connects us all
• To show you your heart’s longing- your core desired feelings
• To guide you in using your preferred feelings as a guidance system for making
choices and for being more present and alive. (Thich Na Hahn says the same
thing…we are never are truly alive).
Brief overview
• To help you use your desired feelings as a way to access comfort and
clarity during painful times.
• To show you how to use your desired feelings as creative fuel to make
great things happen in your life that will radiate out into the world
• To help you accentuate the positive aspects of your life, while still honing,
and not invalidating, the negative parts that you want to change
• To help you realize that you are much bigger than your feelings, and also,
perhaps paradoxically, to help you regard your feelings as road signs to
your Soul. (p. 8)
Brief overview
RHETORICAL QUESTIONS (1): How many of you made a New
Year’s resolution? And if you did, how did it make you feel?
Are you on track with this resolution? Do you know what your
light is? Or your core feelings? How do you even identify your
core feelings?
• LaPorte (2014) tells us that we all have choices and that
we should make empowered choices (p. 10).
• “Empowered choices are “whole choices” that take your
mind, body and soul into full consideration” (p. 10).
• Important point- LaPorte (2014) asserts that what we
have in our minds is what creates our reality!
• RHETORICAL QUESTIONS (2)- What is in your mind? Are
you thinking positive thoughts? If so, how are they
helping with your reality? Or if you are thinking negative
things about yourself, how do these create your reality?
• ACTION- Begin to create your reality; start planning for
your best living. Look for the micro-wins (Nichols, 2016)
instead of the macro-wins. But START somewhere.
• LaPorte (2014) contends that “The essence of our desire is a feeling”
(p.18). She asserts the following:
• “Never underestimate the power of wanting” (p. 19). Ask yourself
what is that you really want; not what other’s want for you, but what
you want!
• “Desire is the engine of creation” (p. 19). Desire gives you the
motivation to create.
• “Desire is the root of our divine impulse to evolve” (p. 19).
• “Desire leads the way home” (p.19).
• LaPorte (2014) states that something “Phenomenal happens when you start to examine
your desires” (p. 25).
• Get closer to your reality;
• It becomes the foundation of our will to live-in fact she believes that when we stop
desiring, we stop evolving.
• Desire is revealing and we should have direct conversations about our desires (p.
“Desire is a teacher; When we immerse ourselves in it without guilt, shame or clinging, it can show us
something special about our own minds that allow us to embrace life fully” (Mark Epstein- Open to
• RHETORICAL QUESTIONS (3): What do you desire and
why? And have you shared these desires with others;
only to feel like you should have kept it to yourself? -Asking for permission to desire? Or needing
someone’s approval to have your own desires?
• LaPorte (2014) suggests that “Everything we do is driven by the desire to feel a certain
way” (p. 35).
• In addition, she shares that some of us are just feeling “good enough” to manage our
living, including our mental health.
• LaPorte (2014) honestly states that “Sometimes even feeling bad feels good. Negative
emotions can feel so familiar to us (especially if they mimic our past) as to actually be
comforting” (p. 35).
• Important Point- we have choices and LaPorte states, “When we choose the positive
over the negative, liberation over repression, truth over illusion, we become real
creators” (p. 35). How and what we choose is key to living our best lives.
• LaPorte (2014) tells readers that “Feelings are power” (p. 35).
• “We need to make our feelings the heart of the matter” (p. 36).
Instead we have been told the following:
• Don’t take it personally.
• Keep your feelings in check.
• Don’t let your heart rule your head.
• Don’t let your feelings get the better of you.
• It doesn’t matter how our feel about it—it’s the way it is. (p. 36)
• “Your feelings are factual to you. You really feel them…Feelings are
how you perceive life. Perceptions inform how you live” (p. 37).
• LaPorte (2014) shares something that I have read in many of your
discussion posts and even witnessed in your introduction
videos…”We tell ourselves it’ll be worth it when we get there, and
we grind and crank and endure our way to the goal posts. We
man (woman) up, suck it up, and shut up- all in the name of making
a better life for ourselves. We fake it so we can be somebody” (p.
37). But then we are really not living authentically!
• Important Point- LaPorte (2014) states that we go for the external
win “At the cost of or our internal wellness” (p. 37). In essence, we
dismiss the self (inner) to support the joy of others and ignore our
own joy. I am not promoting one to be selfish, but I am promoting
you to consider the self.
• What if we made feeling good a priority? LaPorte (2014) believes
when feeling good is a priority, everything else changes—“our
individual lives change, and social systems change” (p. 38).
• Accentuate the positive- LaPorte (2014) emphasizes that we should be
deliberate with our feelings. She states, “It’s about taking radical
responsibility for how you create your life, and how you respond to the
people and circumstances around you” (p. 42).
“There is no easy way to walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will
have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death to again and again
before we reach the mountaintop of our desires” Nelson Mandela (p. 42)
• LaPorte (2014) reminds us that we are not our feelings, but that we
should choose a term that resonates with us (p. 44).
• Similar to Lisa Nichol’s she believes in positive affirmations and “I
AM…” What are you? What is your term?
• “Your soul is the destination—and your feelings are the road signs
directing you to it. Your feelings lead you home by giving you
moment-by-moment signals” (p. 44). The sad part is we ignore
these signals; even when they ae in bright neon lights.
• LaPorte (2014) tells us that we “Can’t always choose what
happens to you, but you can always choose how you feel
about it” (p. 45).
• Important Point- “Your definition of feelings only need to make
sense to you” (p. 47)
Core Feelings
• “Core desired feelings are generative feelings.”
• They are deep within us
• Make themselves known when we actually time to listen to them
• They do not change based on circumstances. However, we do
become more aware of their “Nuances and refinements as we
become wiser and better listeners.”
• Important Point- “Grounded in our core desired feelings, we act from
creative (rather than reactive) energy” (p. 39).
• RHETORICAL QUESTIONS (4)- How do you make yourself feel
good? What are the choices you make which inhibits you
from being creative? How many times have you been told to
keep your feelings in check? What makes you light up…your
family, your major, shopping, sex (yup)? What are your core
desired feelings? Do you actually listen to them?
Benefits of clear desires
• LaPorte (2014) affirms that when we have clarity about our true desires, we
are liberated and most importantly we get to “Stop proving yourself to
everyone (including you). Just think about it that for a minute. No more
proving. Do you feel giddy about that” (p. 49). I HOPE YOU DO!
• “When you are clear on how you want to feel, you can be open to what
life wants to give you” (p. 51). I would add that when you have identified
your own life standards, dictated by what brings you joy and how it makes
you feel…you are giving yourself permission to live.
Benefits of clear desires
• LaPorte (2014) believes that “Desire brings light to darkness” (p. 52).
She suggests that we recall our desired feelings when life is not
going our way and we are not “getting what we want” (p. 53).
• She states that we can make small improvements on a daily basis
(p. 54).
• Important Point- “Small deliberate actions inspired by your true
desires create a life you love” (p. 55).
• This week, I want you to choose one of the sets of rhetorical questions (1-4) and use
these to guide your discussion post. They are all labeled and you will identify which set
of questions you are responding too. You do not have to respond to all the questions
in the set, BUT they are themed and you should able to address several of them.
• Remember, you need to develop a clear line of your discussion which includes textual
support and personal insight.
• Your responses do not have to be long, but they must be thoughtful and not read
rushed. These questions require you to be introspective.
• Review your response before posting and make sure you avoid grammatical errors.
Choose one question:
RHETORICAL QUESTION (1): How many of you made a New Year’s resolution? And if
you did, how did it make you feel? Are you on track with this resolution? Do you know what
your light is? Or your core feelings? How do you even identify your core feelings?
RHETORICAL QUESTIONS (2)- What is in your mind? Are you thinking positive
thoughts? If so, how are they helping with your reality? Or if you are thinking negative things
about yourself, how do these create your reality?
The classmate response:
We all know the saying ‘new year new me’, but not many of us stick through with our
newly inspired commitments. I sure jumped on the bandwagon to make a New Year resolution
which was to be at the gym 3-4 times a week, and keep up with my homework in my planner.
Having these set goals for the next 12 months seemed at first overwhelming, but eventually made
me feel like I was on top and in charge of my life as well as my actions. Keeping up with the
resolution takes time to create such a pattern and habit but with more commitment put into it, the
greater the results will be overall! At the start of the semester, it was manageable to keep up with
going to the gym in-between classes; I was feeling great, burning calories, drinking more water
and in general just so much happier with my life. In addition, my planner was color coded for
each class, well organized and it helped me to stay on top of every assignment and exam. Then,
as the semester began to kick into gear even quicker, I began to lose time to go workout because
I had to make the decision in putting extra time towards homework and studying. So, as usual,
one of the resolutions did not last very long although the second one is still going strong. I have
managed to keep up with staying on task with my planner, a choice I made, because I had the
desire to ensure I am not over stressed this semester.
At the moment, I definitely do not know what my light it or how far it take me till it dies
down but I do have some core feelings. As LaPorte reminds us, “grounded in our
core desired feelings, we act from creative (rather than reactive) energy” (p. 39). Let me tell you
all of my creative energy! growing up I always enjoyed art, crafts, and anything with crayons.
Previously known as a member of the National Art Honor Society, I had 7 pieces in an art show
titled The Seven Deadly Sins; my creativity allows for me to express my core feelings. Fast
forwarding to present time, I am a cheerleading coach and with that, I am the one who creates the
teams routines. A two minute and thirty second routine with multiple visuals, ripples, and parts
where each athlete has an individual motion. Maybe I do not know what my light is because
possibly my light has been fueled by my creative energy?

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Desire Discussion I need help answering rhetorical question in 1-2 paragraphs , You must include some quote from the attached PPT. Then, I need help respon
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