AMH2020 America after the end of civil war essay I need you to write an essay and answer 3 of 6 questions from the book called “give me my liberty”, Also y

AMH2020 America after the end of civil war essay I need you to write an essay and answer 3 of 6 questions from the book called “give me my liberty”, Also you need to rely more on my class notes rather than the book to write the essay question. however the 3 other question you should answer them from the book. I upload a file describe the questions. and a pictures of the notes. Running Head: HISTORY ESSAY
History Essay
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History Essay
Question #1
Many things were happening in the United States in the period between 1865 and the
start of the twentieth century. There were three eras in this period which each one lasting a
different number of years and overlapping with the previous era. The first era was the
reconstruction era which began in 1863 and ended in 1877. For this assignment, I will only focus
on the events that took place in 1865 and the years that followed. This is the era that followed the
American civil war and the second event was the transformation of eleven former Confederate
states. The second era was the gilded age which started in the early 1870s and went on to about
the end of the century. The third era was the progressive era which started in the 1890s and went
on to early 1920s. The progressive era was filled with social and political activism. The main
goal of the widespread activisms was eliminating the negative effects that had plagued society as
a result of political corruption, immigration, urbanization, and industrialization. Such things as
women’s suffrage and antitrust laws were widespread in this era.
Few years after the start of the first era of this period, Ulysses Grant was elected as
president. He was a former soldier and politician who had fought in the just concluded civil war
and had been promoted to a rank only previously held by George Washington. Abraham Lincoln
and Johnson had put in place policies to guide the era, but Grant found the progress too slow.
The end of the civil war had ended slavery, and all citizens were now equal. Despite this, the
whites in the south still persecuted the blacks. The whites used a group called the Ku Klux Klan
in the south to terrorize the black. When Grant came into office, he instituted the department of
justice which prosecuted the members of Ku Klux Kan. The blacks in the south played key roles
in the political and leadership in the south though they never took a governor or any legislative
position. The second era was the gilded era and was also the second industrial revolution. People
moved away from the farms into factories. Many goods were being manufactured than ever
before. There was also an increase in the rate of railway development. People associated with
this era include Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie among others. The progressive era started
after the gilded era and went on until the 1920s. For this reason, I will not discuss it in this paper.
There was however another era that began in 1890 and ended in 1900. During this era, farmers in
the south and the southwestern states formed a political movement which would see them
participate in some decisions affecting the country. The farmers created a party known as the
People’s Party which helped put forward demands and nominate political contestants.
In the period between the start of the reconstruction era and the end of the populist era in
1900, the United States was facing a lot of problems. For example, it had just come from a civil
war and Abraham Lincoln was also assassinated in this period. In my opinion, the United States
did the best it could for its people. President Grant, for example, set the department of justice
which prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan which terrorized the recently freed black slaves.
Question #2: Freedmen’s Bureau
Freedmen’s Bureau was an undertaking by the federal government to provide land to
freed slaves and poor whites in the South of the US after the end of the civil war. It provided
food, clothing, and short time shelter for these people. This bill was set up by Abraham Lincoln
to help the blacks in the south for one year. This Act was the cause of the fourteenth amendment
that gave the freed blacks civil rights such as political rights the right to bear arms.
Question #3: Dawes Act
Dawes Act was an Act by Congress giving the president the power to survey the land
belonging to Native American tribes and divide it into allotments. This Act also allowed any
Native American that accepted the proposals by the president to live separately from the tribe to
be given American citizenship. The main objective of the Act was to transfer land held by the
community into individual ownership which could later be transferred to the white settlers.
Another objective of the Act was assimilating the Native Americans into American society. This
would consequently lift them out of poverty. By allotting the land of the Indians into smaller
partitions, the government would then proceed to sell off the remaining land. The effect of this
Act is that the Indians lost part of their land as some of the accepted the offer of the government.
Another effect is that the Indians became more economically empowered than before.
Question #4: Chinese Exclusion Act
The Chinese Exclusion Act was an Act that prohibited the immigration of Chinese
laborers into the United States. It was signed in 1882 by President Arthur. It built on an earlier
Act of 1975 that prohibited the immigration of Chinese women laborers. The cause of this Act
was because of the violence that was associated with the Chinese. At one the Chinese were the
largest working population in California, and this led the whites to find ways to reduce their
numbers. Initially, their presence was a good thing because they provided cheap labor and did
not use public utilities such as schools and hospitals. The effect of this is that the Chinese
population in America was so low in the years that the Act was in force.
McNeer, M., & Ward, L. (1964). Give me freedom. New York: Abingdon Press.
Gilded Age 1876-18903
-250,000 Native Am
to west
via Messisibe River
4 Rial road, mining company, , farmer
aquaired Native land by @ voilenice
farmers Loan to purchese
– Land, machines
La Mases system of arregation, Chimechals, machines
2 treaty
?? ????? ?????
???? ??????
??????? ???
Mining Nevada, California [gold, silver, Iron]
Colorado de
Dacota 1889
“ghost towns
??? ??? ??? ???? ??????
???? ?????? ????? ??????
???? ??
Killing Indian
cival war
L”Baffolo” the main source of being survive [native cindian).
were extenct
“Battle of little Bighorn 1876″ Georg A Custor
#8 New western
– Fire – water
1871 Uis Gov.
uis gov. ends the treaty System w/ Indians
– 1887 DAWS ACT
4 Brake up and to
Land to white people to purshase
[ Indian Land
86 million out of loo
-Dec 29, 1890 I wounded knee]
settler Society:
19?2 ///??
????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ?? ????????
?? ? (????? ?? ????????? ???? ?????? ?????? ????
The theory of the leisure Class” 1899
? gae vtis * 2 writers 🙂 Thorsten veble
2 ? ???? ???????
???? Calc – ??????? ???
– ???? ?? ???? ???? ? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ???? ?? ????? ??
??? ????? ?? ????? ???? ???????
e ? .
2) Jacob Ris: “1890 How the other half lives
gold from outside and rotten from insidle”
|| ??
# The Gilded Age 1870-1890
second Industrial Revolution
– exporreling market manufacturing goods
Rail Read construction
Army force the native to leave their lands
# Shift away from agriculture to beaning a manufacture
-rapid development
-people work of farm
(1890) – 2 2 Amre. work for
rather than owning form
S 4
1870-1920 I1 million Amer, moving off farms from farm to cities.
total world outbut inclustrial producer
25 1
– ???
120 20/5
# miks X3
# miles x3 again after 1920
#growing population people moving to west.
* Tomas Adison Associated with second industrial revo
[ Wizard of mento park ]
?????? ?? ???? ??? ???????? ] [pe –
????? )
???????? ???? ??? ????? ??? ???
???????? ??????? ???? ??????
???? C
? [
?? ??? ?????? ?
??????? ??????? , ??? ??????
???? ?????
?? ????????? –
Captin of Industry [ Robber Barons 13 host a hollal og
4000 of lands
?? ??
its los Andrew Carnagga
– Philanthropic
?????? ???? ????? ????? ???? ? ???
??? ??????
in factories
* 1880 1890
???? ???????? ????? ???? ????? ?????? ??????? ?????
– 1868 – 1876
-white reaction less than positive in
[ Northen
– Charpetbaggers people who came to south after
the war.
-Scala wags.
“Negro Rule”
#1st class staying to
tk.kik a terrorist [viglence] => kikik trials.
President. Ikasthen burning human body.
118714 South Caroline
As solistie -1873
economic crises [Panic of]
– No one
concerned about blacks in South
??????? ??
11876 Election
– Bargin of 1877 ? The Reconstruction
# Redemption
[Redeemer] the end of
black rules in South
– 1868 – 1876
-white reaction less than positive in
[ Northen
– Charpetbaggers people who came to south after
the war.
-Scala wags.
“Negro Rule”
#1st class staying to
tk.kik a terrorist [viglence] => kikik trials.
President. Ikasthen burning human body.
118714 South Caroline
As solistie -1873
economic crises [Panic of]
– No one
concerned about blacks in South
??????? ??
11876 Election
– Bargin of 1877 ? The Reconstruction
# Redemption
[Redeemer] the end of
black rules in South

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AMH2020 America after the end of civil war essay I need you to write an essay and answer 3 of 6 questions from the book called “give me my liberty”, Also y
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