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Based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, STEP is a parenting program
using books and videos to discuss the reasons for misbehavior and the use of
consequences. Leader guides and workshops are available, but training is not required
to lead these programs. STEP offers a series of programs targeting different ages of
This program was specifically developed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse.
It uses video, parent materials, and trainer guides for many different audiences, including
several ethnicities, teen parents, military families, and other targeted groups. It can be
used in group, individual, and self-directed parent education. The program is developed to
be taught with both the parents and the children. Assessment and evaluation tools are
provided. Training is offered but not required. The program materials can be purchased
separately or together.
Practical Parent
Practical Parent Education has a unique approach by requiring an organization or parent
educator to subscribe to the program and attend a training of two and a half days to
receive initial materials. They offer a variety of parenting education, including programs
for parents who are incarcerated, divorced, or dealing with ADHD. Materials for
additional programs can be bought after initial subscription.
Ready for Life
Parenting programs developed by KERA Public Television provide parenting workbooks,
trainer guides, and children’s materials as well as a website with video clips, resources,
and parenting programs on temperament, attachment, literacy, and nutrition and fitness.
Training is not required to receive the materials. Some materials have a small cost, but the
online resources are free.
Love and Logic
Love and Logic is a parenting and teacher program that focuses on teaching
communication and guidance skills using consequences. No training is required to
buy the materials.
Active Parenting
Founded in 1980, this was the first video-based program for parent education. It offers a
variety of programs, including some on self-esteem and parenting teens. No training is
required to obtain the materials.
One of the earliest parenting programs, P.E.T. was founded in 1962. It was the first
program to discuss active listening and the use of I-messages. The program can be used in
group or self-directed parent education and offers video, workbooks, and other materials.
Without Spanking
or Spoiling
This is a popular parenting program focusing on guidance and discipline based on a book
by the same name. A leader’s guide is available.
PA is a self-help organization founded in 1969 that offers parenting programs for those
who need family support. The primary goal is the prevention and treatment of abuse and
neglect. The weekly sessions are led by parents and professionals together. There is no
cost, and the program is supported by government and private resources. The program
provides sessions for parents and children. Chapters are available in all states and
internationally. Anyone can start a group by contacting the local network and receiving
their free training.
Family Life Education Program Worksheet
BSHS/408 Version 3
University of Phoenix Material
Family Life Education Program Worksheet
Instructions: Select a case study from the University of Phoenix Material: Child Abuse and Neglect Case Studies. The case study you select must
be different from the case study you selected in Week 3. Review the Group Parent Education Program table. Complete Part I and II of the
Part I: Provide the title and a summary of the case study you have selected. Explain why family-centered services are important and what
treatment methods may be available and appropriate for the family in the case.
Copyright © 2014 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Family Life Education Program Worksheet
BSHS/408 Version 3
Part II: Select two programs from the Group Parent Education Program table or other programs you have found. Complete the table below for
each selected program.
Program #1
Program Title
What services does the
program provide? In what
format is the program
Why is this parenting
program appropriate for
the family in the case
study and how could it be
How could this program
be adapted to better suit
the family’s needs in the
case study?
What other resources
would help the family in
the case study?
Copyright © 2014 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Program #2
Grading Criteria: Family Life Education Program Worksheet
BSHS/408 Version 3
Grading Criteria
Family Life Education Program Worksheet
This assignment is due in Week 4.
Points Additional
Earned Comments:
60 Percent
All key elements of the worksheet are covered in a substantive way.
Student has selected two programs and provided the following
information for each program:
• A summary of the program
• A description of how you could use that program in working
with the case study family
• Why this parenting program is appropriate for the family in
the case study
• How this program could be adapted to better suit the case
study family’s needs?
• What other resources would help the case study family?
Points Additional
Earned Comments:
20 Percent

The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.
Sentences are well-constructed, with consistently strong, varied
Sentence transitions are present and maintain the flow of
Points Additional
Earned Comments:
20 Percent

Citations of original works within the worksheet follow APA
Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling
is correct.
Available Earned
Guatemala. She speaks both English and Spanish, but mostly Spanish. Her
English is not as good as she would like it to be. She describes herself as a
Christian woman and is totally against any kind of “wrong-doings.” She often
comments to her son about how bad drugs are in Guatemala and that she is so
glad that she and her children never used drugs. She lives on her own in a small
senior citizens’ apartment complex nearby. She often babysits the girls when the
parents have to go out. However, she cannot keep the girls for long, because of
the rules of the building—only the person whose name is on the lease can live
there. Others can come to visit, but not for more than thirty days. She loves her
son and his family and is very upset, as she was not aware that they were using
drugs. She is always bragging to her friends and family in Guatemala about how
successful they are. Her grandchildren love her very much.
Helena and Jose Messina are the maternal grandparents. They live in a city
nearby that is approximately three hours’ drive from the Bernardez’s. They have
four children, two older boys and a daughter younger than Marisa. They too are
from Guatemala and are a very proud Latino family. Marisa called them to come
and get the children. When they arrived, they demanded to know what was
going on. Lena told them everything. They have been very supportive of the
family, but they are very angry about this situation. They are disappointed in Mr.
Bernardez, and they feel it is all his fault. Mr. Messina said, “What kind of man
would allow his wife to use drugs?” Mr. Messina says that he is so angry with
them that he does not know what to do. They had a very good relationship with
Mr. Bernardez up until now. Mr. Messina has often told Felix how much he
respects him and appreciates his taking care of his daughter and grandchildren.
Student Instructions
You are employed as a social worker with the Society for Children. Your agency’s
primary focus is family preservation. You have been assigned to work with the
Phillips family. The family was referred to your agency by the Department of
Children and Family Services (DCFS) for family preservation services. The family
has been served by other social service agencies, but after a review of the case
the committee felt that this family needed more one-on-one direct services. An
assessment of the current family situation is needed.
Family Composition
The Phillips family consists of the mother, Keisha, age 22, and her three children. She has one son, Jeremy, age 4, and two daughters, KeKe, age 7, and
Alexia, age 15 months. The family resides in the Third Chance Shelter for
From Brown, Child Welfare: Case Studies
© 2002 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
families. Ms. Phillips reported that before first coming to a shelter, she and her
family had been living with her aunt, Erline Phillips, in Jackson, Mississippi. She
suggested that her aunt has played many roles in her life, and said that her Aunt
Erline was the person who raised her.
Current Situation
The Department of Children and Family Services referred Ms. Keisha Phillips to
your agency after her case was substantiated for inadequate shelter and
inadequate supervision of her children. Ms. Phillips and her three children were
residing at the Holy Sisters Shelter. However, the case worker at the shelter
requested that Ms. Phillips and her children move out, after repeated warnings to
supervise the children appropriately. Reports from the shelter staff noted that
Ms. Phillips would be upstairs while the children were downstairs (or vice versa),
and she was unable to keep her 4-year-old son, Jeremy, from leaning out the
second-floor window. After Ms. Phillips was asked to leave, no shelter was
available to accommodate her and her children. She placed an application at the
Good Samaritan homeless shelter, but she was told that there would be no
openings for six months. However, Third Chance Shelter was able to
accommodate her and her children, though under very strict rules. Ms. Phillips
agreed to the rules of the shelter. She has been there only two weeks, but the
shelter has repeatedly discussed consequences with her and informed her that if
the problem of supervision of her children continues they will give her seventytwo hours to vacate.
According to the social worker, the communication patterns between Ms.
Phillips and her children are nontraditional. For example, she talks to her
children as though they are adults. She is not affectionate or nurturing with any
of the children, although she will hold them to stop them from crying. Ms.
Phillips believes that the only way the children will listen to her is if she spanks
or punishes them. She feels the “no hitting” rule at the shelter is causing
problems with disciplining the children, and that the children refuse to obey her
because they are aware that she cannot hit them, and therefore they tend to
push her to the limit. She wants to get out of the shelter so that she can regain
control over her children.
Family Background
The Phillips family is not new to DCFS. There are previous substantiated child
abuse and neglect reports in regard to the children. Other reports include the
fact that Ms. Phillip’s uncle, Cecil Phillips, was arrested for sexually abusing Ms.
Phillips’ oldest daughter, KeKe, who is now 7 years old. Also, Ms. Phillips’
grandmother was arrested a year ago for physically abusing all of Ms. Phillips’
children. All of the children sustained severe cuts, welts, and bruises all over
From Brown, Child Welfare: Case Studies
© 2002 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
their bodies. Ms. Phillips was advised not to leave her children with her mother.
No other services were recommended to the family at that time.
During the intake interview on this current situation, Ms. Phillips reported
using marijuana approximately three to four times a week and crack cocaine on
occasion. The investigator referred her to an outpatient recovery center for a
substance abuse assessment. However, she did not keep the appointment.
Ms. Phillips has no income, due to her inability to comply with the Department of Human Services. This is her third reported sanction, and she has not
received cash assistance in two years. She is expected to comply with the child
support division and obtain her GED in order to have her cash assistance
reinstated. Ms. Phillips’ public assistance case worker has informed the agency
that until she complies with the rules, she cannot qualify for housing or cash
assistance. Ms. Phillips has been told that she will also need to find employment
for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) to continue with cash
assistance when this is reinstated.
In addition, all of Ms. Phillips’ case workers and social workers have
concerns about her continued inability to provide appropriate supervision of her
three children. Ms. Phillips was asked to leave the first shelter (Holy Sisters),
because of her repeated failure to ensure supervision of her 4-year-old son,
Jeremy. Since she moved to the Third Chance Shelter, the case worker has had
consistent reports from the staff and residents regarding the same problem of
lack of supervision. On one occasion while at Third Chance Shelter, her oldest
daughter, KeKe, fell and needed fifteen stitches to the top of her lip. The social
worker at Third Chance has discussed appropriate supervision plans with Ms.
Phillips numerous times. The shelter has repeatedly discussed consequences with
the client and has informed her that should the problem continue, they would
give her seventy-two hours to vacate. To compound the issue of inadequate
supervision, the social worker has discussed with Ms. Phillips the need to meet
for individual counseling at least three times a week. The social worker is also
concerned about the overwhelming history of incest in this family. Ms. Phillips
has indicated that her father sexually abused her from age 7 until age 14.
However, there is no record with DCFS of a call to the hotline or any intervention
on Ms. Phillips’ behalf. Just recently, she revealed that her paternal uncle
sexually abused her as well.
Ms. Phillips has also indicated that she was sexually abused by other family
members. She also told the social worker that she would not want her to know
who KeKe’s father is. When the social worker asked her why not, she said that
she did not want to discuss it. The social worker asked Mrs. Phillips if it was a
family member, and she said “yes” but would not identify the person. KeKe was
also sexually assaulted for two years by her uncle, Cedric Phillips (a registered
sex offender, according to Ms. Phillips), and the social worker has reason to
believe that Jeremy may have been subjected to sexual abuse as well, given his
From Brown, Child Welfare: Case Studies
© 2002 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
Ms. Phillips states that all three of her children have different fathers and
she is not aware of where any of them live. Jeremy’s father’s name is Melvin
Wilson and is believed to live somewhere in Detroit, Michigan. Keisha has not
been able to contact him. Mason Farmer, who is Alexia’s father, lives and works
in eastern Michigan. Holy Sisters Shelter reports state that Mr. Farmer has come
to the shelter and picked Alexia up and kept her for a few days. The social
worker was concerned because Ms. Phillips never asked Mr. Farmer where he
lived or when he was bringing Alexia back to the shelter. When Ms. Phillips was
confronted, she told the social worker that he was Alexia’s father and he would
take care of her. She said, “Even if he does not bring her back, she will be with
her father.” She reported that Mr. Farmer assists her financially on occasion by
providing money and clothes for Alexia.
Recently, Ms. Phillips reported that she has a new boyfriend, whom she met
since she has been living in the Third Chance Shelter. The social worker does not
have his name, but was informed by Ms. Phillips that he is over the age of 40.
Ms. Phillips reports that she is unable to have more children.
Keisha Phillips
Ms. Phillips is 22 years old. She has never been married. Her last name at birth
was Stephens. Her mother, Daisy, married Kirk Phillips, and Kirk adopted Keisha.
She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and lived there most of her life. She said that
she moved to Jackson, Mississippi, shortly after the birth of KeKe and lived there
with her aunt, Erline Phillips. She has two younger brothers who also reside with
Erline and her husband, Levy Phillips.
Ms. Phillips parents, Kirk and Daisy Phillips, reside in Jackson, Mississippi.
She stated that they live in a “crack house.” According to Ms. Phillips, both her
parents sell and use drugs (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine). She states that
she cannot live with them because they do not have water, electricity, or a
phone. She indicates that her mother is under her father’s thumb and reports
that her mother does not know how to read or write and her father typically
controls everything her mother does.
Ms. Phillips reported that her adopted father, Kirk, sexually abused her from
age 7 up until she was 14 years old. She says that she forgives him and still
talks to him, but would never leave her children alone around him. Her adopted
father, Kirk, has two brothers, Levy (who is married to Erline) and Calvin. Calvin
lives with Erline and Levy. According to Ms. Phillips, Calvin is a registered sex
offender and was arrested for anal penetration of her daughter, KeKe, when
KeKe was 3 years old. Ms. Phillips does not think that Levy Phillips, unlike his
two brothers, would ever sexually abuse her children. She states that he is very
loving to the children and would love for her and the children to move back and
live with them.
From Brown, Child Welfare: Case Studies
© 2002 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
Ms. Phillips reports that she did not graduate from high school. She says
that she dropped out in tenth grade and started working at a fast food
restaurant, but could not save any money because her parents were taking all of
her money to support their drug habits. She stated that she was never
encouraged to finish school and had to sneak to school because her parents
wanted her to drop out and work to support the family. She states that she has
had a hard time keeping a job because people on the job have always tried to
take advantage of her, so she quits. She hopes to go to college one day to
become a certified nurse’s assistant. She would like to go to college so she can
buy a house for her children.
KeKe is 7 years old and in the second grade. According to Ms. Phillips, KeKe’s
teacher reports that KeKe has difficulty concentrating on schoolwork and spends
most of her time daydreaming. The teacher also reports that KeKe makes Ds on
most of her work, but she believes that KeKe is very smart. According to the
teacher, KeKe appears to be a very needy child and loves attention and seeks
praise. She states that KeKe is consistently late for school, often arriving after
10:00 a.m. Ms. Phillips says that this is her fault, because she has difficulty
waking up in the morning. She says that if it were up to KeKe, she would be at
school before the school opens. KeKe says she loves school.
Ms. Phillips says that KeKe is very disobedient to her and does not respect
her. She says she always has to argue with KeKe over everything. Ms. Phillips
says that KeKe cries all of the time and it gets on her nerves. She says that
KeKe cries for no reason. KeKe has also had a lot of medical problems. She has
been sexually abused all of her life and has sustained many injuries from the
sexual abuse. She has also had a hernia behind her belly…
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